Diana Jenkin's fiance Asher Monroe

I had to look up more on Dasher, I mean Asher Monroe, after that iconic intro to Diana Jenkins on RHOBH's second ep! I mean, look at that baby face!

So we learned a little bit about Asher during the episode. We learned he was a musician / in musical theater. We learned he was 15 years younger than Diana. And we learned the man knows how to carry a bottle of wine. But what else is there to know?

- He was in Sound of Music, Oliver! and the Price and the Pauper national tours

- He released his own top 40 single "Love Struck" as lead singer for V Factory

- He's been on quite a few TV shows... Parenthood, The Mentalist, Medium, 12 iconic eps of Zoey 101

- He was in the 2009 remake of Fame as Marco Ramone

- HE PLAYED BB CHIP THE CUP IN BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IN 1995 aka when he was 7 (so cute)

- He's worked a LOT with other artists like Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey

- His IG is a work of art... music, fawning over Diana, and workouts https://www.instagram.com/ashermonroe/

- He once owned two monkeys, two peacocks, and six tibetan mastiffs.... all at the same time

- He actually WENT to the Fame school for middle school (later starring in the remake!)

- He has three nipples!

What did you think of his intro into the Housewives world?