Is Erika Jayne Dating Anyone? The 'RHOBH' Star Is Rumored To Be Seeing This Millionaire

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Is Erika Jayne Dating Anyone? The 'RHOBH' Star Is Rumored To Be Seeing This Millionaire

Look at her fucking life. One year after filing for divorce from Tom Girardi, Erika Jayne is still deep in legal drama, from her divorce proceedings to her husband's alleged embezzling. But it looks like she may have found her silver lining. Despite Erika's insistence that she is single, rumors has it that she's actually in a new relationship.

Erika Jayne is reportedly dating Las Vegas businessman Michael Gaughan, as reported by "Professional Tea Spiller" Dana Wilkey in September. It's unclear how long the two have been seeing each other, if they're seeing each other, but Erika was in Vegas celebrating the opening of Sushi Samba on Sept. 21, so it's possible that this event is where the rumors originated. To be fair to Erika, if she and Gaughan started their relationship then, this would have been almost two weeks after the taping of the RHOBH reunion, making it very fresh to this day. Regardless, the fact remains that this rumor is out there, and where there's a rumor, there's info to be gathered. Here's everything I could find on Michael Gaughan, Eirka's rumored new beau, and their relationship.

Who is Michael Gaughan?

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Michael Gaughan, 78, is a prominent Las Vegas businessman who made his fortune with hotels and casinos. According to the University of of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Gaughan's been in the casino business since 1965, when he took over the El Cortez Hotel, originally one of his father Jackie Gaughan's properties. He's owned many hotels and casinos over the years, creating Coast Casinos with his father, a business that sold in 2004 for a reported $820 million. He currently owns the South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa, where rooms typically range from $79 to $159 per night, and his estimated net worth is $200 million.

How Did Michael Gaughan & Erika Jayne Meet?

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According to one claim on Twitter, Jayne and Gaughan may have met thanks to Erika's estranged husband. Girardi, it turns out, was involved with the board of directors of Boyd Gaming Corporation in 2005, right after Gaughan sold Coast Casinos to the company.

But wait, it gets even more twisted. According to YouTuber Up And Adam!, Girardi allegedly used to rent out Gaughan's restaurants in Vegas for nights with Jayne and his mistress, and someone on Reddit claiming to have been a restaurant worker hypothesized that Erika and Gaughan could have been introduced at one of these dinners.

Is Michael Gaughan Married?

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In Up And Adam's YouTube video on the rumor, the host wondered whether Michael Gaughan, who has four children, was married, and it turns out, he was right to question the millionaire's marital status. Though I couldn't find anything that confirmed his relationship status today, in 2018, an article that ran in the Las Vegas Review Journal mentioned his "wife Paula," so it seems he was still married three years ago. Then again, so was Erika.

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