Harry Hamlin Is The Best Part Of Lisa Rinna

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Harry Hamlin Is The Best Part Of Lisa Rinna

So OK, I get it, Lisa Rinna might not be your favorite Real Housewife. I'm not particularly a fan of hers either compared to other Housewives, but I appreciate what Rinna does for RHOBH — she is the closest thing to an essential worker when it comes to making things happen within the world of reality television. What I am a fan of is when we see little bits of Lisa Rinna at home with her husband, Harry Hamlin. We see a different, more natural side to her, and that is indeed my favorite Lisa Rinna.

Harry first met Lisa in 1992 after he divorced Nicolette Sheridan. Harry said on The Jess Cagle Show, “We met in a restaurant. She was working at an eyeglasses store doing the night shift selling sunglasses. And I happened to know the owner of the store, I was having dinner with him and she came in to deliver the keys when she closed the store at 10. That’s how I met her." They got married in 1996, and now have two daughters together, Amelia and Delilah. And now Amelia is all over the internet because she is dating Scott Disick... we'll have to unpack that another time.

We rarely see Harry on the show, but when we do it is a goddamn delight. I think because he is such an elusive celebrity it is interesting to see who Harry Hamlin is when he's not being People's Sexiest Man Alive. He is a man of many talents: an actor, a gardener, a chef, and a true professional at having a chiseled jaw. He also seems to be the polar opposite of Lisa. She is self deprecating, loud, and overshares constantly, and Harry seems much more reserved and serious. And yet after almost three decades of marriage, he still has a good sense of humor about her (I think you have to).

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