This Is How You Guys Feel About 'RHOBH' This Season & I Agree... To An Extent

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This Is How You Guys Feel About 'RHOBH' This Season & I Agree... To An Extent

While watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I'm always wondering what everyone is thinking about fill in the blank situation, and I'm lucky enough to run an Instagram account where I can kind of check thousands of people’s temperature when it comes to our favorite ladies. Are you a Garcelle fan? Is Erika full of shit? You all have opinions, and I love hearing them.

Truly, my favorite part of running a Bravo-related account is interacting with everyone, because sometimes people agree with me and other times they get me to see things from a different perspective.

This week, I asked everyone some questions to gauge where you're at with the women of Beverly Hills, and the results are in. Oh, and of course I have my own opinions, you know my ass, I can’t NOT share my thoughts!

Let's take a look of what you think vs what I think...

Question: Do you feel Dorit is MIA this year?

Yes: 77% (28,647 votes)
No: 23% (8,473 votes)

My opinion: Guys, where the fuck is she? She is giving us a cute little Michelangelo confessional, but in group scenes, she literally evaporates into mist. I hope she gets more in the mix and starts actually participating in things other than Bocce ball. Makes me sad because I love Dorito.

Question: How do you feel about Kathy?

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