13 Facts About Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Brother Jeffrey Kung That Are Random, But Fun!

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13 Facts About Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Brother Jeffrey Kung That Are Random, But Fun!

If you thought you might have hallucinated Crystal introducing her Chinese pop star brother on last week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, rest assured, you did not. Her brother, Jeffrey Kung, is, in fact, a legit pop star in China. And he has been for two decades.

Jeffrey — or as he is now known in Bravo circles, "Manny Jeff" — only briefly appeared on Crystal's second episode of RHOBH, and his introduction as a Chinese pop star/brother/awesome uncle definitely left us wanting more. So, I embarked on a quest to find out everything there is to know about Jeffrey Kung, the Chinese pop star and newest RHOBH guest star. Here's what I found.

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  • He won the Chinese Grammy for New Artist of the Year in 2001. And, according to Crystal, he also won a MTV Best New Artist Asia award.
  • According to an update published by the University of Michigan in August of 2020, he has since released 5 albums, mostly in the hip hop/pop genre.
  • The video shown on RHOBH, "Slide," was released in 2017.
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  • But he also just released a song called "Day and Night." You can listen to his new single and more of his music on Spotify.
  • Fun fact: he's apparently friends with 7th Heaven star Beverly Mitchell (aka Lucy). She congratulated him on his "Day and Night" release in his Instagram comments.
  • He was supposed to marry Vivi Tan on March 27, 2020, in Shanghai, per their Zola Wedding website. (It's unclear if the wedding went forward as planed during the pandemic, but based on his Instagram, it seems unlikely.)
  • According to their website, Jeffrey and Vivi met on a flight from Las Vegas to LAX.
  • Vivi appears in Jeffrey's 2017 music video for "Real Life."
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Honestly, how is Jeffrey Kung not the star of his own Bravo spinoff already?


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