Crystal Kung Minkoff's Arrest Warrant Might Make Her The Most Fascinating 'Real Housewife' Of All Time

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Crystal Kung Minkoff's Arrest Warrant Might Make Her The Most Fascinating 'Real Housewife' Of All Time

In the world of reality TV, it can be hard to find someone who is entertaining (aka not afraid of drama) and actually seems like a reasonable human being, which is why even just two episodes in, RHOBH newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff is a standout — and not just because there's a warrant out for her arrest in Arizona.

Crystal joined Season 11 of RHOBH as the series' first Asian American Housewife, and while some on Reddit feared that she would be a dud — seriously, user jojoju2000 even started a thread in April noting they were "not feeling positive" about the new Housewife — she has more than proven her value as a cast member, both on and off camera.

Speaking on former RHOBH star Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave's Teddi Tea Pod podcast, Crystal revealed the truth behind her epic "two truths and a lie" turn on last week's episode. In the ep, she told the group that she had been arrested, that she had worked for an escort service (she answered the phones), and that she was once approached to be a madame (a real thing that happened!). All of her co-stars were stumped — Lisa Rinna couldn't contain her shock — and eventually Crystal had to admit that she has never been arrested. However, commenting on the game with Teddi, Crystal said that while she hasn't been arrested, there is a warrant out for her arrest in Arizona. (Insert Lisa Rinna shock face here.)

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"I talked to the judge and he's like, 'Are you going to come back here?' I was like, 'No.' And he's like, 'Just don't come back,'" she told Teddi, adding that if she ever went back to Arizona, "I can't drive there or I'll get arrested." Um, excuse me? She didn't elaborate on the podcast, but Crystal has since cleared up the circumstances of the warrant. (Don't worry, she's not wanted for murder or fraud.)

"I was at a graduation at Northern Arizona U and as i drove onto campus, the campus police said it wasn't my turn to go thru the intersection at a 4 way stop and the officer got pissed. so instead of giving me a regular ticket i was cited for using my car as a weapon," the RHOBH standout wrote on Twitter. According to Crystal, she got the citation in the mail once she had returned to California, and when she called the judge, "he replied it was such a hassle for you to come back to Arizona for a hearing to have it dismissed so instead just don't come back!" She was 16 at the time, so, if the judge was telling the truth, it seems like she actually could drive in Arizona now, if she ever wanted to.

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So, that's that. Crystal might not be a criminal mastermind, but she's definitely got stories, and I love her for it. Reality TV is meant to be entertaining, and it can get real awkward real fast if a reality star isn't willing to make fun of themselves — at least a little bit — for the cameras. Crystal definitely does not seem to have a problem making light of her past. On Tuesday, after seeing how her almost-arrest was making headlines, she even joked that she had a new tagline: "Hollywood is full of pretenders, and I slay them all... with my car."

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This tagline combined with how she confronted Sutton Stracke about her white privilege has convinced me. I believe in Crystal supremacy.


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