What Every Cast Member Of 'RHOBH' Has Said About Erika Jayne's Legal Troubles

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What Every Cast Member Of 'RHOBH' Has Said About Erika Jayne's Legal Troubles

Erika Jayne's divorce and increasingly worrisome legal troubles are taking over this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it's about to get worse before it gets better. But with tensions among the cast running high on the show, it's worth keeping in mind everything the Housewives have said about Erika Jayne's divorce and legal troubles off-screen.

Kyle Richards

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As fans have seen on RHOBH, Kyle has been a steady ally for Erika, and while she hasn't adamantly declared Erika's innocence, she has spoken openly about how difficult it was to watch Erika's divorce and legal troubles unravel in real time. "Every day it was another headline, another story coming out, and some of them were devastating," she told Entertainment Tonight in June.

Does Kyle Believe Erika?

It sure sounds like it! Speaking with ET, Kyle suggested that the real question isn't "did she know" but "how would she know"? "I'm sure some people think, 'Oh, she knew...' and all that shady stuff they're talking about. But you really don't know, and if you know Erika, you think, 'Well, why would she have known all this stuff?'" she said.

Kyle also insisted that, having seen Erika's marriage up close, she doesn't think they were the type to discuss business. "I don't feel that Tom Girardi, one of the biggest attorneys in the world, was going home and sharing things happening at his firm with his wife," she said. "That's not the relationship they had."

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