Everything Erika Jayne Said About Tom During The 'RHOBH' Reunion

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Everything Erika Jayne Said About Tom During The 'RHOBH' Reunion

It's safe to say we all are tuning into the RHOBH reunions not to see Lisa Rinna name her hair piece, but to see Erika Jayne finally address all of the rumors surrounding this season's drama. Due to the timing of the Season 11 premiere, Erika sat out WWHL with her co-stars and barely, if at all, spoke to press over the last few months, so all we've had to go on regarding Erika, her marriage to Tom Girardi, the accusations Tom is facing, and more, has come from the show (and her Twitter).

After Part 1 of the reunion, we barely scratched the surface with the Tom of it all, but we really dove in head first during Part 2. Here's everything Erika said about her marriage to Tom so far the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion episodes.

  • On seeing the headlines during filming... "These things are complicated. I was finding them out in real time myself and I don't have all the answers."
  • On Tom's alleged victims... "Anyone that has been wronged, I want them to be made whole...I'm talking about the alleged victims of all of Tom's alleged misdoings."
  • On the show being her main source of income... "That is more now of a consideration, back then when we were shooting the show I was literally trying to survive."
  • On fans calling for her to be fired... "Why should I be fired? Why are you presuming that I've done something? Why aren't we letting the legal process play out? We've heard one side, and a lot of bulls*** on that side. Give me a chance to defend myself."
  • On Tom not seeing her in Chicago on Broadway... "I'm not giving him a pass for that. Because I know that he was in DC and never bothered to come to New York City."
  • On why she didn't leave Tom before... "The cheating is a part of it. There's so much more there. And I said to Tom, if you are in love with someone else, divorce me and go be with her." (Editor's note: He didn't have a response to this comment.)
  • On if she was faithful to Tom... "Yes, up until I filed for divorce."
  • On why she hid the fact that she was in a broken marriage.. "All marriages are complex. People are complex. There were good times. There were bad times. You're talking about two decades of a marriage so no one's marriage is perfect."
  • On if she was trying to protect him on RHOBH... "I think that I highlighted the best of him."
  • On why she leave didn't leave Tom sooner... "Where was I going?...I was not in control of my finances...I gave every paycheck to my husband."
  • On if she stayed with him for the money... "I could not leave because I had no access to the money."
  • On if she knew that "the ship" was sinking when she left him... "I felt like he was sinking, not necessarily "the ship." There was no talking to this person. Trying to get him to answer my questions, being shut out completely- anger, personality changes. And you can see now...the man is in a home. He's in a memory care facility."
  • On if she asked Lawyers at the firm if she was liable for Tom's alleged wrongdoings... "No, I called lawyers that I knew."
  • On why her divorce hasn't been finalized... "[Tom's] Competency Hearing" (Conservatorship)
  • On why she lied to Garcelle about Tom's infidelity... "Because of who it was."
  • On how many mistresses Tom had... "I know of three."
  • On if she ever confronted Tom about his mistresses... "Two. One I found out on the day that I left...I went through his phone and she had sent a picture of her tits...so I responded "nice tits, stupid bitch."
  • On if she was drunk when she posted about Tom's mistress... "No, I was angry...and I'll tell you why. Because everyone was saying, "Erika has this money, the divorce is a sham, this is a thing for the two of them to hide assets." I was like motherf***er no it's not. As a matter a fact this is what's going on."
  • On why there were lace panties in Tom's desk... "...That was the first time I saw it too. They were definitely not mine. Who knows who he had bought them for."
  • On how was she able to "rent a house, lease a car, and move without Tom knowing" since she was kept away from her finances... "Not able to answer that question. But it was well within legal bounds."
  • On how Tom went from Erika's astrology party to the decline we see now... "He's on a loop. Saying the same stories over and over. He's a master persuader and a master performer. He could not have told you anyone's name here. Not a soul. But he could certainly sit there and entertain."
  • On why would she divorce him when he was clearly sick... "...It is not fair to say he got Alzheimer's and I split. The Alzheimer's and Dementia is a part of what was going on. Even in this accident...I was the one that found him. I was the one that took him to the hospital. I was the one that did not allow him to go under anesthesia after having been unconscious for hours...I did everything I humanely, possibly could to do right by him."
  • On if she would still marry him knowing what she knows now... "I'm at a place where I don't quite know who I was married to. Because there are good parts and there are bad parts and I'm trying to- much like everyone else around me- trying to figure out what the f*** happened. In the law firm, and in my personal life."
  • On if she thinks Tom loved her... "I do. I think he loved me and then I think things happened to him...I think he changed..."
  • On if she loved him... "I did."
  • On how she views the allegations against him... "I really and truly hope that is not true because that is not the man that I married. It does not look good however we still need to get to the bottom of it. Only one side of the story has been told.
  • On her emotions relating to the allegations... "I feel terrible. This is not who I am. And I hope this is not who he is...I am sitting here trying to... gather all the information and fight my way out of it. And that's all I can do...[Divorce] reveals the ugly part or the hidden part of our partners...At this point, quite honestly, I have to worry about myself. Whatever Tom Girardi did or did not do, that's on him. But I know that a lot of his decision making is being pointed this way now...I can not allow all of this to destroy me and take me to a place that I can not recover. I have to survive this."

The episode ends with a promo of a very spirited conversation between Erika, and well, it seems like everybody. Until then, we'll keep you updated with every new piece of information we learn!

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