Erika Jayne's Car Accident Stories Broken Down For Curious Minds

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Erika Jayne's Car Accident Stories Broken Down For Curious Minds

"Unbelievable" certainly describes almost everything coming out of Erika Jayne's mouth recently. And I mean that in the most literal sense of the word. While I'm not laughing my ass off at the stories Erika shares with the women on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — much like PK and Mauricio — I am certainly raising an eyebrow or two to the multiple car accident stories Erika has shared recently.

This season it seems the two men closest to Erika have sustained — and walked away from, thankfully — massive car accidents that have left the Housewife shaken. She first shared, while at Kyle's La Quinta home, that Tom was in an accident that ejected him from the car. And then on Wednesday's episode, she shared that her son was in an accident due to inclement weather wherever he lives in not s0-sunny and warm California.

It's a lot to deal with for Erika and also for us, the fans, to keep track of. Every week there's something new that adds an unexpected layer to the story. So, if you're having a tough time keeping track of whose car was wrecked when and all that, first you need to know you're not alone. Second, you've come to the right place.

Here's everything Erika said about both accidents.

La Quinta Tale — Tom Is Thrown From His Car, Left For 12 Hours

You can hear this photo, can't you?
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