Anyone Else Think Erika Seems... Strange On The 'RHOBH' Reunion?

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Anyone Else Think Erika Seems... Strange On The 'RHOBH' Reunion?

In Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, we saw Garcelle and Lisa get into it, Sutton own her emotional reactions, and Erika Jayne answer a lot of difficult questions. Speaking of Erika... did anyone else think that Erika seemed off in the RHOBH reunion? Like there was a whole energy there — sometimes calm, sometimes she was blurting out how she wanted good sex... all of the times it was chaotic.

Surprisingly, she also interjected herself into multiple situations that had nothing to do with her. One would think that since, you know, you are going to be in the hot seat quite a bit, it may be beneficial to take a backseat and not draw attention to yourself in other moments. But that was definitely not what Erika did. We can blame editing all we want, but it seemed like Erika always had something to say, and even played "host" during the Garcelle and Lisa fight.

Let me remind you of all the times that Erika inserted herself into the conversation. Grab some popcorn and a glass of Pinot, we're in for a weird ride.

  • "That sounds so Grinder-ish"
  • When Sutton makes a joke about going to court for almost burning down Kyle's home, Erika says, "Good, someone else besides me."
  • When asked what look she was going for, Erika said, "Hot. Single." She also said she was looking for a guy "with a big penis. I would like some hot sex."
  • When Garcelle was getting into it with Dorit and said, "don't we want to grow?" Erika interjected with, "not at this age honey I'm set."
  • Erika stepped in to play host and asked Garcelle if Lisa Rinna "should stop reaching out? Because you don't trust?... Because ... I think she's gonna come to a point where she's like, "Hey, I've really tried, she doesn't trust me, that's enough..."
  • Erika again asked Garcelle, "Do you want to punish her for the way she treated Denise?"
  • Erika interjected that, "Yeah but that's a big one," after Garcelle never confronted Lisa about whether or not she said that race shouldn't be brought into the show.
  • "So do I. I fucking show up," while Garcelle and Lisa get into it (it had nothing to do with her).

Like I said, very weird. Another idea is that she was interjecting to try and distract everyone from her current situation. Or maybe to relate it to her situation in order to draw some parallels? Unclear. One thing I know for sure is that she is on a different level. Bless the powers that be over at Bravo that we get three more chances to overanalyze. Until then, in the wise words of Kathy Hilton, bottom's up!

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