'RHOA' Recap: The Bravo Editors Are Obsessed With The "Long Dong" Headline

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'RHOA' Recap: The Bravo Editors Are Obsessed With The "Long Dong" Headline

On October 8, 2020, a headline circulated amongst Bravo fans that truly has everything. The website Love B Scott — aka one of “the blogs” the Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies are always referring to — published the story “Exclusive: Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam Allegedly Got Their Peaches Cobbled by a Long Dong Stripper on 'RHOA' Cast Trip — And There's More”.

I mean, where do you even start? There’s a scandalous allegation. There’s the phrases “peaches cobbled” and “long dong stripper.” There’s the “And There’s More” and the fact that, somehow, there actually is more. (The “more” is that “there was allegedly some girl-on-girl-on-girl action” involving new Friend of the Housewives LaToya Ali.”)

Now, five months after the story was published, RHOA is tackling Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party, the claims about two women having sex with a stripper named Bolo, and the question of who leaked the story to the press.

The show isn’t afraid to break that fourth wall in this instance, and is openly referencing the fact that the women read about the story in the press. And, thankfully, on Sunday night’s episode, that included multiple references to the viral Love B Scott headline. During the episode, the headline was shown four times and a screenshot of a line from a related article made for a fifth reference to it.

The RHOA editors knew that they had a gem with this headline and that fans would love to see it. Again and again.

So, let’s take a look at all the times the glorious headline popped up in the episode.

At Lake Bailey

Image: Bravo

The headline first comes up when Cynthia, Eva Marcille, Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, and Cynthia’s sister Mal Bailey are hanging out at Cynthia’s place the night before her wedding. “And, of course, the doggone bachelorette party you gave me went viral,” Cynthia says to Kandi.

At this, we get to see a variety of headlines from the likes of Page Six and the Daily Mail that talk about people having sex at the party, but without naming any names.

Then, Eva adds, “Well, all I know is the blogs talk.” Then the Love B Scott headline makes its RHOA debut.

I give this first reference three decidedly uncobbled peaches out of five. Seeing the headline was a welcome reference to the real world, but not the best use we get out of it in the episode.

At the Night in Niece Party

Image: Bravo

The second time we see the headline is at Shamea Morton’s A Night in Niece party. (It’s a good, punny theme, but it’s no NeNe’s Girls and Gays Never Forget All White Party Seafood Soirée. Nothing is.)

LaToya says, “So, B Scott posted about Porsha and Tanya being in the room.” Porsha Williams and Shamea immediately accuse LaToya of being sent by Kenya to start drama and continue spreading the rumor, so LaToya quickly attempts to change the subject, starting yet another argument with Drew Sidora in the process.

This one gets four peaches out of five. LaToya’s delivery was questionable, but seeing the headline again so shortly after the first one brought the realization of, Oh, we are doing this.

At the Night in Niece Party Again

Image: Bravo

After things settle down at the A Night in Niece party, Porsha asks LaToya to again explain why she brought up the rumors, if she wasn’t just doing Kenya’s dirty work. “I believe that Kenya did leak the story,” LaToya says. Porsha asks, “To your friend that’s a blogger?” And LaToya says, “Exactly.” (It’s unclear who they’re referring to.)

The headline pops up again, and we then get a clip from last week’s episode in which Kenya gave this response to being accused of leaking the rumor: “I don’t mess with Page Six because they have said some really nasty stuff about me. If it was a B Scott or if it was a TMZ, maybe.”

A subtitle on the show says that that scene was "last week." We know that Page Six covered the story on October 7, before the B Scott story was published. We also know that the Night in Niece party was October 9, because Cynthia's wedding was October 10. So, whenever Kenya made her comment was close to when the story was published.

Anyway, the editors make sure we hear what Kenya had to say. They rewind her words and play them over for a second time.

Five peaches out of five. The editing of the headline along with Kenya straight up saying she’d be willing to give a story to B Scott was the best use of the headline in the episode. Plus, it being shown again while we’re in the same conversation at the same party really enforced how excited the editors were to make this a running theme.

At Porsha’s Glam Session

Image: Bravo

The headline is shown for the fourth time as Porsha gets ready for Cynthia’s pandemic wedding, and explains in her confessional that her ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley posted on his Instagram Story that he’s single, even though they had been broken up for a while at that point. “I thought the timing was poor,” Porsha says. “This all looks messy, because people are going to automatically assume, Oh, you believe the blogs and you’re upset with me.”

Two out of five peaches. I don’t know. I just don’t care that much about Dennis, and this one didn’t have the same level of impact.

At Dinner with Porsha and Dennis

Image: Bravo

Toward the end of the episode, Porsha meets up with Dennis to discuss where their relationship currently stands as exes and parents to their young daughter, Pilar. During this conversation we see another Love B Scott headline, “Porsha Williams’ Ex-Fiancé Dennis McKinley Wants You to Know He’s ‘Single ASFK’”.

There’s also a clip from the article shown that reads, “Dennis took to Instagram to declare that he’s ‘SINGLE ASFK’ just a day after lovebscott.com exclusively revealed that Porsha was one of the women who got their peaches cobbled by a long dong stripper on the girls’ cast trip to Charleston, South Carolina.” Let it be known that when the writers of Love B Scott have a good phrase, they stick with it.

Four out of five peaches for the pure effort RHOA went to place in yet another reference to the “long dong stripper” with only moments left in the episode.

Fans probably got a kick out of seeing the viral headline on the show, and B Scott was happy about it, too. The blogger and radio host posted a clip from the show on Instagram, and wrote, “We don’t make the news — but we DO have a good time reporting it. Much thanks to Bravo and #RHOA for featuring yet another lovebscott.com exclusive!”

And when it comes to how Porsha and Tanya feel about the headline being featured again and again, everything about Porsha’s personality is evidence that she doesn’t give a damn. As for poor, lovely, Canadian Tanya, that’s another story.

Image: Bravo

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