How did Marlo Hampton make so much money

Does anyone know the real story of how Marlo Hampton on RHOA is so rich? Because this woman has flaunted extreme wealth for years and I can’t get to the bottom of where all this cash is coming from. 

This season alone, she’s already thrown a $40,000 party and has dressed head to toe in designer. It’s so confusing because her castmates claim that she gets “gifts” from men. Kenya implied that Marlo gets cash for sex; the others have implied that she’s just a high-end escort. WHAT IS THE TRUTH.

The internet says that she got money by investing in real estate, after dating CNN boss and billionaire Ted Turner for five years; he supposedly gave her some investing advice. She also has her boutiques and a wig line, buuuuut, one or two small businesses does not an (extreme) fortune make. 

The internet also says that her net worth is $600K, which is not a lot, compared to how she seemingly spends! I mean, remember when she shaded Sheree for only having one Rolex??

So what do y’all think… just where is Marlo’s money coming from, hunnnnnny