'Pop Chaser' Tackles Polly Pocket, Greg Grippo, & The Love Lives Of HGTV Stars

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'Pop Chaser' Tackles Polly Pocket, Greg Grippo, & The Love Lives Of HGTV Stars

You know how the Butterfly Effect suggests that some minor cause, like a butterfly flapping its wings in South Africa, could cause a major weather pattern half way around the world? That's basically what's happening with the Polly Pocket news in Hollywood, right now. Thanks to a little movie called Life Size starring Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan (at least that's who I'm blaming), we are now going to be subjected to a Polly Pocket movie starring Emily in Paris star Lily Collins, written by Lena Dunham. Don't get me wrong, Eve is great, no matter where she goes. But Polly Pocket? She needs to stay home in her pocket size house, 'mkay?

That's just one of the topics Kate Ward and I discuss on The Dipp's newest episode of Pop Chaser. Beyond some light bashing of Polly Pocket, we also tackle the news of the newest Oscar-winning celebrity to take a dip in the HGTV pond and why we should all be suspicious of Greg Grippo on The Bachelorette. (Sorry, guys, but Greg isn't Our Greg after all, it seems.) Plus, I review every single flavor of Loverboy beverages, including the highly sought after espresso martinis... I know, luxe.

Listen to the new episode of Pop Chaser below, or on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts! And don't forget to take a look at The Dipp's other weekly podcast, TV. Watch. Repeat., in which Kate and I delve into the histories of some of your favorite TV shows.

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