Someone Please Call The Police On 'Celebrity Dating Game'

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Someone Please Call The Police On 'Celebrity Dating Game'

Either someone has mechanized a wax Madame Tussaud's Michael Bolton figure, or Zooey Deschanel has kidnapped the singer, forcing him to send messages to the viewing audience through Morse code blinks and encrypted Billy Preston covers. But either way, someone please call the police, because something is not right on Celebrity Dating Game.

You've got Bolton's expressionless sheen performing under the watchful eye of Deschanel. You have Deschanel, who has, for some reason, chosen this as her TV comeback vehicle post-New Girl. (Is this what you get when you're under the influence of a Property Brother?) And then you have unexplained moments, like Taye Diggs recognizing an eliminated contestant without elaborating on details. ("It's a long story," is what he said, but it's what she said too, right?)

So, please, someone call the cops, because there's something sinister going on over there on the ABC studio soundstage, and the million-dollar wire transfer from Bolton's offshore accounts will definitely prove it. And all of this begged for conversation, so it's just one topic of today's new episode of Pop Chaser.

Listen to the new episode below as we try to suss out the show, and chat about more topics, including this week's Bachelorette, my co-host Allison Piwowarski's Ted Lasso mea culpa, and so much more.

Plus, even more sinister things.

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