Every Clue A Taylor Swift Artist Series On Peloton Is Coming

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Every Clue A Taylor Swift Artist Series On Peloton Is Coming

Like most of us in the #Pelofam, I get super excited for "The Artist Series." I am very music driven and chose the rides I take partially based on the playlist. But there is one artist that has been noticeably absent from our favorite rides: Taylor Swift. Along with being a member of Peloton, I am also a proud Swiftie and love my Sag Queen. Which is why when I found out a Peloton Taylor Swift Artist Series ride may be coming to the platform, I just about short-circuited.

There are a handful of clues that hint at the final Artist Series being all about T-Swift. I've compiled them below, because to see is to believe. The only real question now is who should teach it. Kendall? Ally? Jess? (One thing we know for sure... it isn't going to be Cody.)

"22 (Taylor's Version)" was on this Ally Love ride

This wouldn't seem like that big of a deal, except that this is the first time a Taylor Swift song has ever appeared on a Peloton ride since this lawsuit.

Peloton posted this on its Instagram account on Swift's birthday

[rich Embed]

Coincidence? I think not. It's important to also note the red square, most likely a nod to Red (Taylor's Version) that was recently released. Another hint? There are 13 letters in "Dropping Dec 25," which just happens to be Taylor's favorite number. All my fellow ride-or-die Swifties know that Taylor uses "13" (and just numbers in general) as Easter eggs often.

Peloton blogs are reporting on the rumors

[rich Embed]

Sometimes I think PeloBuddy knows things before Peloton even knows them.

Robin said how much people are going to love this artist series in her Holiday Vacation Ride

Again, wouldn't seem like that big of a deal since people get excited about a lot of "Artist Series," except that people have been begging for a Taylor ride for some time now.

I'm so ready for a 10 minute climb to "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)." And yes, I will be bawling the entire time. See you on the leaderboard, Swifties!

Images: Peloton

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