My Harrowing Journey Through 7 Peloton Rides In 7 Days (AKA The 7 Deadly Spins)

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My Harrowing Journey Through 7 Peloton Rides In 7 Days (AKA The 7 Deadly Spins)

As coronavirus numbers drop and American society opens up again, I’ve had to accept that my quarantine bod can no longer be kept out of the public eye. A year of creative Zoom angles has helped hide the damage, but whether I like it or not, my “COVID 20” is on full display every time I venture back into the real world. Basically, it’s time to get serious about feeling better.

One approach would be to “eat healthy.” I suppose that would involve not snacking on Tate’s Cookies or almond M&Ms, but I don’t think I’m emotionally there yet. Instead I’ve decided to take my Peloton relationship to the next level.

Normally, I hop on the bike about three times a week, but desperate times call for desperate pedaling, and so I’ve taken on an unthinkable challenge: seven straight days of Peloton. To some, that may seem laughably easy, but for me, it’s like climbing Mt. Everest.

Here is my journey.

Day 1

It’s Day 1 of the challenge. Actually, it’s day four of Day 1. I tried to start on Monday, but friends came over. On Tuesday there was a water mane break (and I wasn’t about to whip up a sweat and not have a shower to step into). On Wednesday, my reserved exercise time turned into a Korean BBQ dinner. And now here we are on a Thursday – racked with guilt and delays, determine to finally get this challenge off the ground.

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