10 Peloton Rides To Take When You're Really, Really Angry

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10 Peloton Rides To Take When You're Really, Really Angry

You know how sometimes you just feel like punching something? You just have that pent up angry feeling that needs a release before you can really move on with your day or week. And for those times where I'm feeling extra frustrated and fiery, I love to clip into my Peloton and sweat it out.

Yes, I do this for every type of mood I'm in (happy, sad, tired, energized) but that's because it's true! But when I'm pissed, I don't want to cry-laugh to Cody's Basic Bitch Ride, I want to go balls to the walls with Kendall in a Metal Ride.

So for the people out there who know exactly what I mean, here are 10 rides for when you're angry 😡.

Kendall's 20 min Metal Ride

You already know Kendall goes OFF in this ride and honestly, all of her Metal Rides. And a 9.2 rating? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

Rating: 9.2
Songs you can expect: "Paranoid" by Avenged Sevenfold, "Cho Suey" by System of a Down, and "Thunder Kiss 65!" by White Zombie

Erik's 20 min Mood Ride: Heated

Thankfully the Peloton Mood Series has a class for exactly what I'm talking about. The descriptions say, "if your frustrations are sky-high, and your brow’s weighed down low, this class is here for you to blow off steam and turn that heat into power." Need I say more?

Go For It
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