16 Peloton Rides To Cry To, Because Sometimes You Just Need To Purge

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16 Peloton Rides To Cry To, Because Sometimes You Just Need To Purge

Fitness, for me, is my favorite form of self care. A lot of times, it's the first moment in my day where I get to come back to myself and check in on how I am feeling. With that, I have no shame in saying that I have a tendency to cry during my work outs. Pre-Peloton, there was many a time when I would lay down on my yoga mat or clip into a bike at Soul Cycle and just start crying. And honestly, highly recommend. It is truly so cathartic.

Since having a Peloton, this experience is no different. Crying during a Peloton ride — even if it isn't an emotional ride — just hits different. Every time Robin tells me to fix my crown, I have an out of body experience.

So if you find yourself needing to purge your emotions for whatever reason, and also needing to clip in, allow me to present to you the best Peloton rides to cry along to.

Kendall's 30 Minute Mental Health Awareness Ride

Kendall reminds us that we are not alone in her mental health rides. As someone who often discusses her own journey with mental health, it's especially powerful and meaningful to see her take it to the bike. She has another mental health ride here, which is just as moving.

Christine's 20 Minute Remembrance Ride

Christine has the ability to just look at you and make you want to cry. (Seriously, just look at her in the shot above!) Christine specializes in the quieter moments on Peloton; in this ride, that honors the ones we've all lost, don't expect her to be yelling at you to PR, but do expect to tear up.

Emma's 30 Minute Coldplay Ride

If you have not experienced "Fix You" on a Peloton before, then you're in for a real treat (or tear-jerker) during Emma's Coldplay ride. The ride itself is fantastic, whether you're a fan of the band or not, but "Fix You" is the moment that your chills will have chills, and yes, you will start sobbing.

Jess King's 20 Minute Mood Ride: Sad

When Peloton released their emotion-based rides — not to be confused with therapy, if you've seen the semi-awkward disclaimer at the beginning of the on-demands — it was inevitable that there would be one dedicated to sadness. You definitely need to be in the mood to cry for this one, but when that day comes, stack this one for the ultimate purge.

Robin's 30 Minute The Greatest Showman Ride

If you're not bawling while belting out "This Is Me" on your bike during Robin's incredible Greatest Showman ride, then it didn't happen.

Ally's 30 Minute Get Lifted Ride

This is a great ride for the moments you're feeling down and want to spend 30 minutes releasing that weight in hopes of getting off the bike lighter. Ally takes you on a journey of dropping your baggage and finding your power, all while never robbing you of the emotions that come along the way.

Christine's 20 Minute Reflection Ride

This one, and honestly any of Christine's reflection rides, are a great opportunity to come back to yourself. Whether you're reflecting on the last two years of life, or on your own self-care/Peloton journey, this ride will put you in your feelings and allow you to see just how strong of a person you really are.

Sam's 30 Minute Pride: Broadway Ride

When Sam Yo cries, we all cry. Trust me when I say that you will want to reach through your screen and give Sam the biggest hug ever during this ride.

Alex's 30 Minute 200s Hip Hop: Live From Home

During the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement in June 2020, Alex sends a powerful and emotion-filled message to those riding with him from home during quarantine.

Tunde's 30 Minute WHM Celebration Ride

This ride is the ride where Tunde debuted her shaved head, and seeing her talk about the power and the meaning that has to her as a Black woman is incredible. Her beauty inside and out radiates and you can't help but cry for her as she steps into her light.

Ally's 45 Minute Sundays With Love Ride

While all of the "Sundays With Love" rides will make you feel inspired, this one hits home for that added oomph of inspiration you may need to make it up whatever metaphorical hill you're battling.

Denis's 45 Minute The Beatles Ride Vol. 2

Nostalgic and therapeutic, what more could you need?

Kendall's 30 Minute Mood Ride: Sad

To quote Kendall in this ride, "If your eyes start sweating, you should consider that a PR." Agreed.

Robin's 30 Minute Together We Ride

When you need to feel like you have a hand on your back, this is the ride for you. Robin will consistently remind you that the Peloton community rides together, and the hands that you get high-fiving you are not only holding you up, but riding beside you making you stronger.

Tunde's 30 Minute Speak Up Ride

While the entire Speak Up series is powerful, this specific ride should be required taking. Just read the Reddit thread dedicated to it and try not to cry from that alone.

Christine's 30 Minute P!nk Ride

Owning who you are and acknowledging that who you are is always enough will never get old.

Images: Peloton

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