ALLY LOVE is heading to Netflix

Netflix has a new dance competition show coming (filming in April) and Ally is hosting! Here’s the synopsis:

The series is a street dance competition designed to find the next superstar choreographer. Using 100 of the world’s best dancers — known as The Dance 100 — the eight contestants must create, choreograph, design and then perform in group dance numbers on an ever-growing and massive scale.

I feel like she’ll be really good at this but can’t help but wonder if it will pull her away from Peloton classes! (I know she said she’d be flying back and forth, but I feel that worked only so well for Cody’s DWTS stint.) Also, couldn’t help but notice Kendall commented “Congrats Ally!! Sounds awesome!” which just reminds me I’m convinced they hate each other. That’s a story for another day.

What do you think?