Instructors love to retell stories

Some instructors love to tell the same story over and over again. For example, Robin (god love her!) can’t stop telling her engagement story. SHE WAS RUNNING A MARATHON AND JUST WANTED TO FINISH THE RACE, DREW! Or Kendall… Oh, Kendall. I swear, we all know three things to be true about Kendall. 1) She’s from California. 2) Her house growing up had a pool. 3) You could only get into the pool AFTER her mom played BELIEVE by Cher. The pool was officially open then. (Kendall, please stop playing Believe and while we’re at it… The Thong Song.)

I love all of the instructors but sometimes I’m just like, YEAH WE KNOW. WE ALL KNOW THIS STORY. I think when you have a community as committed as Peloton-ers, you have to assume they’re riding with you A LOT. No one is just dropping in for a ride every other month. (Well, maybe people are, but I’d say the majority of riders are pretty consistent?)

I make this point, because I just think they need to assume we know the stories already!

What are some other stories instructors LOVE to tell on repeat? We get some Ibiza mentions from Ben rather often… but it’s not annoying. It’s just… so Euro LOL. I’ll probably never tire of Cody’s stories about his younger days, — he also does a good job with variety.

By the way, did you know Kendall was from California?