11 Kid-Friendly Peloton Rides The Whole Family Will Love

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11 Kid-Friendly Peloton Rides The Whole Family Will Love

Sometimes you want to take a Peloton ride where Jenn Sherman just swears at you left and right. Or you want to hear Cody Rigsby talk about going to the club and getting nasty. Other times your kids are in the room and you need something a little more... PG? If you're not using headphones and can't pop and lock and "WAP" on the bike because your little ones are just a few feet away, don't worry. There are plenty of kid-friendly Peloton rides that will allow you to crank up the volume and even sing-along to with the whole family (if that's your thing).

And remember: When in doubt, look for the "explicit" tag when filtering through rides.

Cody's 20 Minute Spotify Disney Hits Ride

Difficulty: 6.7

Vibe: Cody's energy and love of Disney is infectious and will definitely make you, and your kids, laugh.

Songs you can expect: "Zero To Hero," How Far I'll Go," and "Let It Go"

Bradley's 30 Minute 80s Ride

Difficulty: 7.1

Vibe: Time to teach these kids the greats: Madonna, Dolly, Diana, Cher.

Songs you can expect: "Like A Prayer," "9 to 5," and "If I Could Turn Back Time"

Emma's 30 Minute Disney Ride

Difficulty: 7.1

Vibe: Emma has a super calming presence and is just giving good vibes all the time.

Songs you can expect: "I'll Make A Man Out of You," "Love Is An Open Door," and "You Got A Friend In Me"

Leanne's 30 Minute Wicked Ride

Difficulty: 7.1

Vibe: Ever dreamed of singing "Defying Gravity" with your entire family, look no further.

Songs you can expect: The Wicked soundtrack

Kendall's 30 Minute Disney Ride

Difficulty: 6.7

Vibe: This ride is all of your nostalgic Disney movies come true, with a special Lizzie McGuire Movie moment at the end.

Songs you can expect: High School Musical's "Breaking Free," Jonas Brothers' "S.O.S.," and Cheetah Girls' "Strut"

Matt's 30 Minute Classic Rock Ride

Difficulty: 8.2

Vibe: Another learning moment for the kiddos, this ride will have the whole family rocking out. All lead by our wholesome Matt Wilpers. But don't let that fool you, he's going to kick your you know what.

Songs you can expect: "Another One Bites The Dust," "Come Together," and "Rich Girl"

Sam Yo's 30 Minute Disney On Broadway Ride

Difficulty: 7.4

Vibe: Disney meets Broadway? What more could you want!

Songs you can expect: "Fortune Favors the Brave," "Two Worlds," and "Seize The Day"

Hannah Corbin's 10 Minute Low Impact Ride

Difficulty: 5.1

Vibe: Sometimes as a busy parent, all you have is 10 min. And that is still 10 min more than most people, especially with the very uplifting and positive Hannah Corbin.

Songs you can expect: "Free Fallin'," "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," and "Stages"

Leanne's 30 Minute Disney Ride

Difficulty: 7.5

Vibe: Leanne is Peloton's very own Disney Princess. This ride features some classic Disney songs and will leave you with a smile on your face.

Songs you can expect: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," "Be Our Guest," and "A Whole New World"

Bradley's 20 Minute Low Impact Ride

Difficulty: 5.1

Vibe: This ride is perfect for those recovery days with Peloton's goofball, Bradley.

Songs you can expect: "You're Welcome," "Under The Sea," and "Friend Like Me"

Robin's 30 Minute Encanto Ride

Difficulty: 7.3

Vibe: Are your kids newly obsessed with Encanto? You're in luck...

Songs you can expect: Encanto soundtrack

Bonus: Peloton Family

While this collection is all off the Bike, your whole family can break a sweat together in these fun, kid-friendly classes.

Images: Peloton

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