Fly High, Cody Rigsby (Just Don't Forget About Us)

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Fly High, Cody Rigsby (Just Don't Forget About Us)

On Wednesday, Sept. 8, it was announced that Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby would be joining the new season of Dancing With the Stars. And, just like ordering the steak fajitas at Chili's and hearing that sizzle coming around that corner, we love that for him. Just like driving up to McDonald's and finding out the ice cream machine is working, we celebrate him. Just like Dua Lipa sweeping every Grammy category, even the ones she's not nominated for, we root for him.

Cody got his start as a backup dancer for Pitbull and Katy Perry, so there's no doubt that he will be a talented "Star." (Especially when you consider he's competing alongside Matt James, who famously did this while trying to win the hearts of 30 women on The Bachelor earlier this year.) Plus, add in the famous XOXO, Cody personality that makes a 75 cadence, 55 to 65 resistance out of the saddle feel remotely possible, and it almost doesn't even seem fair to the other contestants.

And that's all great. I think the Mirror Ball Trophy would look stunning in the Peloton studio. But in the words of a Vanessa Hudgens 2006 pop single, "Baby come back to me."

Despite his sponsorships, his new penthouse apartment, and his hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, Cody has always maintained a relatability that is either fueled by adrenaline and sweat or complete delusion. Either way, he is me, and I am him. Yes I think JC is the lead singer of *NSYNC, yes I also hate grape jelly, and yes I want to fuck shit up when a Britney Spears song comes on.

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But I have not been on Dancing With the Stars, nor will I probably ever be. (Though I did take a ballroom class every Saturday for six weeks when I was 14 years old, so if they need to sub a professional, I'm available.) With Cody launching beyond Peloton stardom into ABC-sanctioned stardom, he is becoming a bonafide celebrity. The question now is, do celebrities return to the studio next to a Whole Foods and get us through 30 minutes of intervals and arms? Time will tell.

So on Sept. 20, of course I'm going to watch DWTS for the first time in years and vote for my Boo. And of course I'm going to continue to take his rides on demand. (And there better be some stockpiled for any absence this show may cause.) All I ask is... don't forget about us Cody! And shake them titties.

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