This One Moment In The 'DWTS' Finale Could Have Won Cody The Mirror Ball Trophy

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This One Moment In The 'DWTS' Finale Could Have Won Cody The Mirror Ball Trophy

I love Cody Rigsby. I take every new ride he has (even the ones from LA that sound like they're being filtered through a McDonald's drive-thru speaker), and rooted for him every episode of DWTS. (And voted, of course.) I was disappointed to see Cody not bring home the DWTS Mirror Ball Trophy on Monday night, because how fun would that have been, though I can't disagree with the fact that Iman was a very worthy winner.

But in watching the finale, I couldn't help but think that if the Cody we saw in his final performance of Dancing With the Stars would have showed up every Monday, the outcome may have been different. Hear me out.

What do we love the most about Cody? He's eccentric, he's unapologetically himself, he's sometimes over-the-top, he is pop, he is an extrovert, he's our boo! But, and this is by no fault of his own, he wasn't able to let a lot of those qualities shine while dancing, say, the Paso Doble. I don't know much about ballroom dance, but I do know that perhaps ballroom isn't Cody's genre. Just like grape jelly isn't his spread of choice. Or a crusty ass attitude on a Tuesday Pop Ride. Leave that shit at the door!

But his freestyle dance... This is the dance that, had we gotten this energy, this exuberance, this zest for life, in every performance — how could he not have won?

And if I'm getting specific, it's the pole drop for me. (And for the loyal followers of Cody's, you know this isn't his first time down a pole.)

But, unfortunately, that's not how Dancing With the Stars functions. The show is to take inexperienced celebrities and performers and throw them into the ballroom scene. There's a reason that most of the stars this season prevailed at the jazz or contemporary routines they would be thrown once in a while, while perhaps struggling with a Cha-Cha the following week.

So, did the format of the show perhaps hold our favorite Peloton instructor back from being his true self? Perhaps! If Cody was allowed to channel Todrick Hall or RuPaul in every dance, would that possibly have changed the outcome of the season? We don't know, because everyone would have gotten a chance to let their personalities come out in more modern dance styles. (Iman's Horror Night performance was easily one of the best of the season... imagine if he did that every week.)

I agree with the judges in Cody's finale scores, and I agree that third place was a fair spot for the fitness star, considering what we saw this season. But look, if there's any chance we can get a spin-off of Cody dancing like this for 10 weeks straight, consider me clipped in and ready to go.

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