Celebrities' Peloton Leaderboard Names, So You Can High Five The Stars

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Celebrities' Peloton Leaderboard Names, So You Can High Five The Stars

One time I was finishing a Peloton ride and at the bottom of the screen it said "one of your friends is riding right now." Great, I love my friends, and I love it even more when I can support them on a Peloton ride. So, I looked to see who it was. And it was Tyler Cameron from The Bachelorette. Of course, I'm not friends friends with Tyler, but on Peloton I am, so I gave him a high five and he high fived me back and that, my friends, is the start of a beautiful friendship. (Add a point to resistance for every use of "friend" in this paragraph.)

Celebrities are all over Peloton's leaderboard, you just have to find them. And while I'm all for the privacy of those who choose to hide their profile, it's fair game if they're public, right?

I went through a bunch of different categories to find the leaderboard names of some of Peloton's most famous faces and now I'm sharing them with you so you can also get that rush of serotonin like I did when a Bachelorette star (or athlete, or singer) high fives you back. You're welcome.


Bachelor Nation





Peloton Instructors

I'm dying to take a ride with Joe Jonas. Let me know if I missed anyone!

Images: Instagram, @kylerichards18

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