The Best Peloton Rides For Runners

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The Best Peloton Rides For Runners

Spring is in the air, which means we're all looking for as many opportunities to get outside. For many, that means rooftop season. (It does for me, at least.) It also means getting out for a walk or run before it gets too hot this summer.

My first run this season was last week, and I PR'd, all thanks to Peloton. You might be thinking, how did a stationary bike inside prepare you to hit your quickest time on a run. Well, thanks to the cold weather months and said stationary bike, I've been able to build up my endurance and strength, getting me ready to hit the pavement. And it worked!

If you're a runner like me, but also like to mix up your fitness routine, also like me, then check out some of these Peloton rides perfect for runners!

Power Zone Rides

Power Zone training is one of the best ways to improve endurance, without tiring out your legs and is a great compliment to running.

Tabata Rides And HIIT Rides

If you are doing a lot of long runs, a shorter Tabata or HIIT Ride is good for speed work. They will remind you of track workouts.

Sweaty Steady Rides

Jess King's Sweaty Steady rides mimic those longer runs without the added impact on the joints.

Climb Rides

Climb Rides are a great substitute for strength training and feel like, you guessed it, running hills. Also if you're feeling extra spicy HIIT & Hills Rides are a great mix of cardio and strength.

Recovery And Low Impact Rides

One of the best ways to support your body when running is to know when you need to recover. While we know this is easier said then done (speaking for myself), sometimes clipping into the bike and flushing the legs out without putting pressure on the joints is just what the doctor ordered.


Do not forget to stretch! Stretching after a workout is so important to keep those muscles and joints in tip-top shape. It also helps to prevent injury and reduce soreness.

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