The Best Peloton Classes That Aren't Rides

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The Best Peloton Classes That Aren't Rides

I love my Peloton bike, but when I started my Peloton journey, I didn't have a bike. I was an app user for about eight months, starting in the summer of 2020, when we were deep into quarantine. It was the first at-home workout that stuck, and what made me enjoy it so much was the variety it offered. As someone who gets bored easily, being able to stack Peloton classes that aren't rides like a 10 minute core followed by a 20 minute HIIT and a 10 minute strength was a total game changer.

Now that I have a bike, I tend to only do 20-30 minute rides with other workouts on-demand to keep me excited to workout every day. It's important to keep your body on its toes (in more ways than one) and I've found that the Peloton platform, while primarily known for it's bike (and now the tread), can really give you a full body workout in the comfort of your own home.

So I decided to unclip for a minute and look into the best classes on Peloton that aren't cycling classes. Without further ado...

Bike Bootcamp

Once you get use to clipping in and out and changing your shoes (they give you much need breaks to do this), you'll be as obsessed with Bike Bootcamp as I am. Be prepared though, it is very hard. Yes, Bike Bootcamp is technically still partially on the bike, but it features different sections of strength work on the floor, switching between the two. This gives that variety that I always crave and combines strength and cardio in a near perfect format.

You can take 30, 45, and 60 minute classes and can filter to different body focuses, or just bodyweight. Also my favorite instructor of all time, Jess Sims, is one of the Bootcamp instructors. If you haven't taken a class with her, do yourself a favor and take a class with her ASAP. Here are some classes to try out if you're new to Bootcamps.

Tread Bootcamp

Arguably harder than Bike Bootcamp, Tread Bootcamp is the same concept, except you're running instead of cycling. So yeah, definitely harder. But for those Barry's Bootcamp and Orange Theory fans, this class is for you! I just preload these classes on my app, and take them to my gym on the days that I am feeling extra spicy. I haven't tried all the instructors, but Adrian is one of my favorites to take here. While he's definitely a powerhouse, he also has a sense of humor that makes his classes so fun. His emotional laps have me laughing every time. This type of class is also taught by my girl Jess Sims, and cycling favorites Olivia and Robin.

Here are some Tread Bootcamps if you're feeling brave...

Outdoor Running

I have always wanted to want to run, you know? I have tried it, on and off, since college. But I really just didn't enjoy it. That was until I discovered Peloton's Outdoor Runs. Getting outside (instead of on a tread), and having a coach in my ear with a curated playlist has made all the difference. I am super partial to the interval runs because baby girl (aka me, I'm baby girl) always needs to walk the recoveries and I never feel guilty about this. I have never taken a run that I didn't like, but I'm gonna shout out Becs Gentry here because this BAD ASS BRITISH BOSS knows what the hell she's talking about. You know you're going to get a great workout with her.


I have taken more strength classes than I have any other type of class on the Peloton app. I am not a fitness professional, but I have worked at multiple fitness studios and have been working out consistently since college and can say that I have noticed the most changes when I was lifting weights consistently. And this is coming from a girl who used to be afraid to lift. Not anymore. Remember how I said I love variety? Well, filters are my best friend here. I tend to do 10 minute Core and a 20 minute Glutes and Legs or Full Body in addition to a 20-30 minute ride, switching up instructors every time. There is a never ending amount of content here so I have yet to take the same class twice. My go-to instructors are Jess Sims, Callie, Robin, Olivia, Emma, Adrian, Ben, and Rad (who always keeps it spicy).


Before I had a bike, I use to do a lot of HIIT classes. It is great for when you have zero equipment but still want to get a solid workout in. Even recently, when I was home for the holidays, I did multiple HIIT classes. They even have family fun classes for those with little ones! My favorite instructors to take are, you guessed it, Jess Sims, Callie, and Rad.


Confession time: I don't always stretch after I workout. I know, I know. It's so bad. But when I do make the time, I will add on a 5-10 minute stretch at the end of my workout.

I just want to give an honorable mention to the Yoga and Meditation content. Both of these practices have been integral to not only my fitness, but my mental health. If you haven't checked them out, don't be shy. They're perfect for cool downs and rest days.

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