The 15 Best Artist Series Available On Peloton

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The 15 Best Artist Series Available On Peloton

I am a music-motivated individual when I am on the Peloton. When Alex times a sprint with a beat drop just oh so perfectly, you know you're going to PR that ride. Even more so, I love when I know every single word on the playlist. I think my roommate has heard me belting out Little Mix on the bike more than I would like to admit.

With that in mind, I decided to do a round up of the best Artist Series that Peloton has to offer, since sometimes you just want to immerse yourself in one artist and one artist only. So whether you're trying to stack up all the badges available on Peloton, or just want to disappear into a Britney-only ride for 30 minutes, go ahead and stack these classes and let me know which Artist Series rides you love in the comments.

Cody's 30 Minute Britney Spears Ride

I'm about to make a BIG statement: this is the best ride on Peloton. Period. I had to start out strong.

Alex & Tunde's 30 Minute Beyoncé Two for One Ride

There is a very high chance you will PR on this ride with not one, but two GOATs pushing not only you, but each other, to the max. All set to the ever-powerful and inspiring Queen B.

Kendall's 30 Minute Queen Ride

This ride will rock you. And don't miss out on Sam Yo's warm up and cool down rides for Queen, either.

Christine's 30 Minute P!nk Ride

A fan favorite across the Peloton community, Christine captures the power of P!nk in this emotional and cathartic ride. (Aka, be prepared to cry.)

Robin's 30 Minute Lizzo Ride

Lizzo is such an amazing example of authenticity and self-love, and we know Robin only rides with royalty, so fix your crown and prepare for a celebration of you!

Hannah Frankson's 30 Minute Little Mix Ride

This ride is definitely underrated, as are Little Mix. If you have never listened to their music, you are missing out. They have some of my favorite songs to work out to, hands down.

Leanne's 30 Minute ABBA Ride

ABBA music just makes you happy and this ride will definitely leave you with a smile on your face from beginning to end.

Ally's 30 Minute Whitney Houston Ride

The Icon. The Legend. Miss Whitney Houston (and Ally Love) will have you dancing and belting while pushing a 110 cadence.

Kendall's 30 Minute Megan Thee Stallion Ride

Kendall does not hold back during this ride, and may even get you doing hot girl shit out of the saddle. If you've taken the ride, you know what I'm talking about.

Denis's 45 Minute The Beatles Ride Vol. 2

Music is the universal connector and who better to connect all of us than The Beatles? I mean, everyone likes The Beatles. This ride will leave you bopping and rocking on the bike.

Olivia's 30 Minute Justin Bieber Ride

Think what you want about Justin Bieber, but he has some BANGERS. His songs make you want to sing along, dance it out, and sprint to the finish. But don't let these pop bops fool you, Olivia will still kick your ass like always.

Emma's 30 Minute Coldplay Ride

Emma takes us on an emotional and powerful journey during this ride, so mentally prepare yourself.

Leanne's 30 Minute Spice Girls Ride

This ride is all my 8-year-old pop star fantasies come true. Led by the ever positive and bubbly Leanne, prepare to not only race yourself, but Mel B., who joined the ride live on her own bike.

Cody's 30 Minute Backstreet Boys Ride

I'm just going to let Cody speak for this one: "My Backstreet Boys ride was more fun than waving homemade signs outside the TRL studio in Time Square in 1999." Sold.

Robin's 30 Minute Red (Taylor's Version) Ride

You already knew I had to include my lord and savior Taylor Swift on this list. This ride is fantastic, and is a longtime coming, so what better way to celebrate its arrival on the platform than with a 10 minute "All Too Well" climb up a mountain?

Images: Peloton

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