10 Peloton Rides Perfect For Breakups

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10 Peloton Rides Perfect For Breakups

'Tis the season for Godiva chocolates, heart shaped necklaces from Kay, and red wine — lots and lots of red wine. For some of us, Valentine's Day is the time to celebrate with the ones we love. For others, myself included in this category, it's a time to drink up with your gal pals. For others, it is a time to nurse a broken heart.

If Valentine's Day is triggering for you, for whatever reason, one of my personal favorite ways to release emotion is to sweat it out. Luckily Peloton has some amazing rides that are here to make us cry, scream, dance, laugh, and forget about your relationship woes. So, without further ado, here are 10 Peloton rides for when you are going through a breakup.

Cody's 30 Minute XOXO, Cody

Difficulty: 7.7

Vibe: With a playlist that is all breakup anthems, Cody described this Valentine's edition of XOXO as a ride for "self-love." If you want to laugh instead of cry, take this ride! (P.S. Cody has another XOXO, Cody ride coming up on 2/11/22.)

Songs you can expect: "I Will Survive," "You Oughta Know," And "Since U Been Gone"

Kendall's 20 Minute Pop Ride

Difficulty: 6.7

Vibe: Our girl Kendall has also been going through a breakup and can relate. But don't worry... this ride is not sad. If you want to vibe with your newly single, out on the town self, take this ride.

Songs you can expect: "Don't Cha," "Freedom," and "Stronger"

Emma's 30 Minute Coldplay Ride

Difficulty: 8.1

Vibe: There is a reason that the people of reddit and facebook collectively agree that this is one of the best rides to cry too. When you need to let out a good cathartic sob, let Emma and Coldplay lead the way.

Songs you can expect: "Viva La Vida," "The Scientist," and "Fix You"

Christine's 20 Minute Reflection Ride

Difficulty: 6

Vibe: Christine will definitely get you in your feelings during this one. Take this ride to honor where you are, and how far you have come, and be ready to just release.

Songs you can expect: "Surprise Yourself" by Jack Garratt, "Let Go" by Judah & the Lion, and "Great Wide Open" by Thirty Seconds To Mars

Robin's 30 Minute Lizzo Ride

Difficulty: 7.7

Vibe: Robin is always there to remind us that we wear the crown, no matter what anyone says. But if you ever feel like your crown has been knocked off, take this ride to straighten it out and feel like the whole damn meal, as Lizzo says.

Songs you can expect: "Good As Hell," "Like A Girl," "Truth Hurts"

Alex's 20 Minute R&B Ride

Difficulty: 7.9

Vibe: Although this ride may seem a little random, one Peloton member described it as being all about "the importance of loving yourself," so take this ride to feel the self-love!

Songs you can expect: "I Need a Girl (Pt. One) [feat. Usher & Loon]" by P. Diddy, Usher, Loon, "Love Me Now" by John Legend, and "Shot For Me" by Drake

Hannah Frankson's 30 Minute Little Mix Ride

Difficulty: 7.7

Vibe: Little Mix is right up there with Ariana Grande as far as breakup anthems go. Take this ride if you want to feel empowered about where you are in life, and who you've left behind.

Songs you can expect: "Power," "Woman Like Me," "Shout Out to My Ex"

Kendall's 20 Minute Metal Ride

Difficulty: 9.2

Vibe: Don't let that 9.2 scare you. (Or do, you've been warned.) Take this ride when you're angry and want to go balls to the walls. It may sound counterintuitive, but I promise you'll feel better after.

Songs you can expect: "Paranoid" by Avenged Sevenfold, "Chop Suey!" by System Of A Down, and "Thunder Kiss '65" by the White Zombie

Hannah Corbin's 30 Minute Pick-Me-Up Ride

Difficulty: 6.9

Vibe: Hannah's Pick-Me-Up series is all about "lifting your spirits." Take this ride when you want to elevate your mood, whether that be in February or not.

Songs you can expect: "Just Fine," "Schoolin' Life," and "Beautiful"

Cody's 20 Minute Mood Ride: Happy

Difficulty: 6.7

Vibe: Cody always makes me feel better thanks to his sense of humor, but this ride is really about acknowledging happiness — whether you already are happy, or want to find happy. Wherever you fall, allow Cody to be your guide.

Songs you can expect: "Levitating," "Stop" by the Spice Girls, and "Teenage Dream"

Images: Peloton

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