When Will 'Outlander' Season 6 Be Finished Filming? Sam Heughan Has Us Checking Our 2021 Calendars

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When Will 'Outlander' Season 6 Be Finished Filming? Sam Heughan Has Us Checking Our 2021 Calendars

It feels as if Outlander fans only just received the news that Season 6 is in production. But even in a pandemic time keeps rolling on, so it doesn't feel that out of line to wonder when Outlander Season 6 will be finished filming. And thanks to Sam Heughan and the handy calendar app on my phone, I can approximate (barring any COVID-19 outbreaks on set) when Season 6 may be wrapped.

During a virtual event for Chase's United card members on March 31, Heughan gave some intel about the Outlander production status. According to Three If By Space, when a fan asked Heughan about the filming schedule, he couldn't give an exact date but did say they have been filming in two-episode blocks, each block takes 24-25 days, and production started in January. From there, he left fans to do the math.

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Although Starz announced Season 6 was in production on Feb. 9, the production announcement video confirmed that filming actually began in January as Heughan mentioned. There was a clapperboard that showed that the first episode had been filming as early as Jan. 7.

The System

I took all the information at my disposal to figure out approximately when production should be finished. As I have no evidence of an earlier date, I used that Thursday in January as the start date. Because Heughan said the blocks can range from 24-25 days, I played it safe and rounded it up to 25. Though production may be working on weekends, if a new block would start on a weekend (because the previous block ended on a Friday or Saturday), I moved it to the following Monday. Since there are 12 episodes in Season 6, there will be six blocks. Using this very scientific process, here's the filming schedule I came up with:

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