9 Things Jamie Is Bad At On 'Outlander,' Because The King Of Men Isn't Perfect

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9 Things Jamie Is Bad At On 'Outlander,' Because The King Of Men Isn't Perfect

It goes without saying that to Outlander fans, Jamie Fraser is the ideal man. Sometimes he's accused of being too perfect, if such a thing exists. But the King of Men does have some flaws — even Jamie is bad at some things on Outlander.

Jamie is multilingual with English, Gaelic, French, Latin, Greek, etc. He's an accomplished fighter and lover. He's a natural-born leader, deftly navigating politics while gaining himself loyal followers. He's been a scholar, a soldier, a businessperson, a printer, a bootlegger, a farmer, a hunter. He makes being an outlaw look good. He's smart. He's sexy. He can even pull of army pants and flip flops. (Wait, wrong thing.) He's goddamn James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

For what it's worth, Sam Heughan thinks Jamie's not so good at sharing oats. And Heughan's Men in Kilts costar Graham McTavish told Good Morning America's Ginger Zee that he fears that Jamie's perfection is contagious and that Heughan has caught it. "He's literally morphing into Jamie Fraser, who is just perfect at everything," McTavish said. "There's literally two things that Jamie Fraser can't do."

Yet, by digging quite a bit I found a few more things that Jamie isn't good at. Admittedly, some of these are no fault of his own. But if you need a reminder that no one is perfect, including Jamie Fraser, here are nine things this Outlander hero can't do well.

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