Over 1,000 'Outlander' Fans On What They'd Say To Jamie Fraser

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Over 1,000 'Outlander' Fans On What They'd Say To Jamie Fraser

Life is full of big questions. What did Pam Halpert say to Michael Scott at the airport? What flavor, really, are red gummy bears? And, if you ever ran into Outlander's Jamie Fraser, what would you say?

I can't answer the first one, but numbers two and three, I got you: The red gummy bears (within the Haribo brand, anyway) are raspberry-flavored. (The green ones are strawberry-flavored, which is just beyond mind-bending.)

And as for what you'd say to today's most famous Scottish Highlander from the 1800s ... over 1,000 of you responded on some of the best Outlander Facebook fan groups with your answers. Most were some iteration of "I love you," naturally, and hundreds of you claimed you wouldn't know what to say, or you'd be too tongue-tied, or you'd faint. All very understandable.

Of course, there's a difference between meeting the character Jamie Fraser and the actor Sam Heughan — but it doesn't matter if we're talking about a real or a fantasy meeting with a real or a fictional person, the responses were all in line: you'd lose your mind.

Image: Starz

If you replied that you'd a) drool, b) ask him to get a dram of whisky, c) comment on his hair, d) ask him to make a baby with you, e) ask him to hug or hold you, f) make a lewd comment about what is under his kilt (some of those were pretty great), g) ask him, "to bed or to sleep", and, h) if you uploaded a Gif of Friends' Joey Tribbiani asking, "How you doin'"... your responses are not included below, but they are appreciated. Y'all funny!

Here are some of the best responses and how you'd greet Jamie, if you ever were so lucky.

Keeping It Fresh 😉

We know where y'alls heads are at.

Maggie Rolland wrote: "Bolt the door." (Over 20 fans liked her comment; one even responded it was the "best answer!!!!!!!!" Well done, Maggie.)

Sherry R wrote: "Depends on if he’s dressed or not."

Michaela Jones wrote: "Depends which age. It would be hard not to sexualize that beast if I walked up on him cleaning himself off in the river as younger Jaime!"

Mary Elizabeth wrote: "If I told you I like your bellybutton would you hold it against me?" (Hahaha.)

Karen Lee wrote: "Say? I wouldn’t waste my time talking, just saying! Lol."

Suzie Merrell wrote: "How negotiable is the whole Claire thing.....???"

Keeping It Practical 🤔

Some of you need answers.

Robin Campbell DeMonch wrote: "If I met Jamie, I would have had to time travel, so it would probably be, 'What year is it?'"

Amanda Bee wrote: "That'd probably mean that I'm a time traveler & I'm going to need a lot of help so my mouth and/or facial expressions don't get me killed on day one. So I guess it'd be something like 'Help! Hide me! I need the Fraser family on the ridge to teach me how to survive, I'm from the future too!' Then under my breath, 'Nice ass.'" (Hahaha, yes.)

Connie S. wrote:“So, how did you get those boards so flat and the perfect length when you were building the house? My husband was wondering." (A personal fave.)

Toni Sartori wrote: "Haven't met Jaime but I did meet Sam. I couldn't form a coherent sentence. He was so kind and friendly. So I imagine I would be just as tongue tied." (Lucky.)

Mary Ogles Smith wrote: "How do you do it? How do you survive all the hardship you have and still step out as a true-born leader?"

Keeping It Real 😂

Some fans want to give him a piece of their mind.

Angelena H. wrote: "Can you just sit and not get into any trouble for once! Go make a shed or something and stay outa the way."

Shelley Ellison wrote: "Was that really your ghost, and why? LOLOLOL." (Diana Gabaldon shared her thoughts about this with The Dipp.)

Franceen Innes wrote: "Laoghaire... really Jamie???" (To which a fellow fan replied, "Yes!!!!!! Omg yes!!!!" It's a great question.)

Katerina Monogios Leyden wrote: "I would tell him what a credit he is to his family, how proud they would be of him."

And Emma Taylor wrote: "YOU DIDN'T WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU HUGGED YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!" (Pretty sure she's referring to when Jamie emerged to hug his daughter after peeing behind the tavern. Note that he also caresses his daughter's face.)

While we're in this Draughtlander, keep on keeping the Jamie dreams alive.

Images: Starz

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