Sam Heughan Reveals The Best Jamie & Claire 'Outlander' Moment Of All Time — Do You Agree?

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Sam Heughan Reveals The Best Jamie & Claire 'Outlander' Moment Of All Time — Do You Agree?

When you've shared as much love as Jamie and Claire Fraser, it's hard to pick just one defining relationship moment. But Outlander star Sam Heughan has given what he thinks is the best Jamie and Claire moment of all time. And the best Jamie and Claire Outlander moment, according to Heughan is... (drumroll please) when Jamie convinces Claire she must go back to her time at the end of Season 2.

Heughan shared his opinion on April 10 in response to a video tweeted from Canada's W Network that featured their "Top 10 Jamie & Claire Moments." The video has circulated for a few years and Heughan previously shared it on March 1 where he wrote there were "too many to chose from!!!!!!!" But, apparently, he's had a few more weeks to consider it and came up with the scene that he thinks represents the best of the best when it comes to Jamie and Claire. He shared a gif of when Claire tells Jamie, "You are my home," and Jamie replies, "And you are mine," from the Season 2 finale, "Dragonfly in Amber."

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Besides the sweet, Billy Joel-approved sentiment, the characters are at a crucial point since the moment comes ahead of the Battle of Culloden after Jamie tells Claire that he knows that she's pregnant. Claire says she can't leave him, but he reminds her, "You promised me that if it came to this, ye'd go back through the stones, back home." He tells her, "This home is lost," and that she must go back to Frank in the 1940s where it's safe for her and the child. After all, since Jamie thinks he'll die in Culloden, he believes "this child, this one is all that will be left of me ever."

It's a pretty great moment to choose since it epitomizes the sacrifices they have made for one another in the name of love. And it's a scene that wasn't included in W Network's original video. Their top 10 moments are: 10. Jamie forcing Claire to get on his horse after the Redcoats attacked them in "Sassenach" 9. "Ye're tearing my guts out, Claire" from "The Reckoning." 8. Jamie finding Claire on Hispaniola in "Uncharted" 7. Claire telling Jamie she was pregnant in "To Ransom a Man's Soul" 6. The awkward start to their reunion sex in "A. Malcolm" 5. Claire confessing to being from the future in "The Devil's Mark" 4. The animal-centric discussion following their first time having sex in "The Wedding" 3. Claire going back through the stones in "Dragonfly in Amber" 2. Jamie seeing Claire for the first time in 20 years... and fainting... in "A. Malcolm," and 1. Their wedding in "The Wedding."

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Although Caitriona Balfe hasn't appeared to comment with her best Jamie and Claire moment, some other cast members have chimed in. When the video was shared earlier this year, Young Ian actor John Bell simply wrote, "Honeypot" (with the honey emoji, natch) in reference to Jamie discovering Claire's bare one in "Not in Scotland Anymore." Ian Murray actor Steven Cree wrote back to Heughan's March response with, "The one where Claire masturbates Jamie back to life would be mine." (Technically, she couldn't masturbate him, but I'll let it slide since Cree paints a vivid picture of the "Monsters and Heroes" scene.) And John Quincy Myers actor Kyle Rees agreed with W Network's number two spot when he replied to Heughan with the gif of Jamie fainting in the printshop.

When it comes to a "best" moment, the answer is subjective, so it's not like fans will get an official response from Diana Gabaldon or something. But who's to argue with the actor who plays the one and only JAMMF?


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