Sam Heughan Has "Never Heard Of" 'Game Of Thrones' On 'Men In Kilts'

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Sam Heughan Has "Never Heard Of" 'Game Of Thrones' On 'Men In Kilts'

When Broadway reopens and the new Game of Thrones musical premieres, I know of at least one person who won't be in line: Sam Heughan. According to the end credits of the "Clans and Tartans" episode of Men in Kilts, the Outlander star doesn't know what Game of Thrones is. Sure, the HBO series was the biggest thing this side of Westeros in the 2010s. But can you blame Heughan for feigning ignorance? Beyond Game of Thrones' abominable series finale, Heughan has some personal beef with the show.

The topic of Game of Thrones came up on Men in Kilts not because of the multiple crossover cast members Outlander and GoT have shared (miss you, Tobias Menzies!). Graham McTavish was giving something of a clan history lesson about the feud between the Camerons and Mackintoshes. McTavish wrote in Clanlands that the feud between these two clans lasted some 300 years and detailed such vividly bloody stories as the Battle of Bun Garbhain in 1570 where Black Taylor of the Axe of the Cameron clan led a slaughter against the Mackintoshes.

On Men in Kilts, Heughan and McTavish were talking about a seemingly friendly dinner between the two clans that (shocker!) turned deadly. McTavish added that he thought this dinner was "somewhat of the inspiration for a rather famous episode of Game of Thrones." McTavish was most likely talking about the infamous Red Wedding featured in "The Rains of Castamere." But Heughan didn't allow him to elaborate.

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