‘Outlander’ Fans Have Spoken: These Are The Best Adapted Scenes From The Book

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‘Outlander’ Fans Have Spoken: These Are The Best Adapted Scenes From The Book

Seeing your favorite book scenes come to life onscreen can be a mixed bag of emotions. Sometimes you get a beloved moment that perfectly represents exactly what you pictured in your mind. Other times you really, really hate what you see. But when the screen adaption nails it, it's bliss — just ask these Outlander fans who waxed poetic about their favorite scenes adapted from the books.

While the book series and show Outlander are not scene-for-scene, there are certain TV moments that come straight from the page and go above and beyond in doing justice to Diana Gabaldon's books. Here are some of the scenes that fans think Outlander did the best with adapting.

Jamie & Claire's Wedding

"The whole first season was a masterful adaptation of book-to-screen and 'The Wedding' is a perfect example. It was so well crafted — in script, direction, acting, and editing — that you felt every emotion Diana Gabaldon had included in her book... in most cases, word for word, action for action. The tenderness, the humor, the bizarre circumstances, and the passion were all there. It still leaves you breathless every time you watch it — whether it's the 1st or 200th time! It remains my very favorite after five seasons."

– Nancianne Suber, Outlander Series Plus

Black Jack Randall Assaulting Jamie At Wentworth

"It was very well acted and it felt just as creepy as the book version was... more so when it's right in front of you... Every disgusted, repulsed reaction from Jamie, until the end when he just became numb."

– Dorianne Panich, Outlander Homepage

Jamie & Claire's Printshop Reunion

"The printshop scene when Jamie sees Claire and faints was more than anything I imagined when reading the book. Sam Heughan was superb and the set was amazing. From the book, 'His eyes rolled up and he slumped to the floor in a shower of papers... he fell rather gracefully for such a large man.' Sam's faint was perfect."

– Lisa Rojas, Outlander Headquarters

The "First Wife" Revelation

"One of the scenes that really hit the mark for me and always pops in my head was that scene in Season 3 at Lallybroch when Marsali walks in on a recently-reunited Jamie and Claire.
That scene was such a shock for us as readers: 'He married Laoghaire?!?!' We feel the total betrayal right along with Claire. No, he didn't know it was Laoghaire that sent her into the midst of the witch trial in the book. But that scene onscreen of the walk-in and confrontation with Laoghaire, the fight on the floors, the pitcher of water thrown by Jenny... it all came together perfectly. [Caitriona Balfe's] talent at being able to express a wide range of emotion without speaking a word is completely proven in that scene. Her face, is probably how every one of us looked when we read that scene."

– Beatriz S., Lallybroch Gathering

Jamie & Brianna Meet

"The scene was wonderful! In the book, there's a lot of humor in the scene — after seeing Bree initially, Jamie busts out with 'Yer HUGE!,' to which Bree, not surprisingly, does not respond well. It really is a good tension-breaker in the book, funny and true to both characters.
But the show very wisely guessed that viewers were going to want to experience the emotion of the scene, so they left out this bit. The result was a meetup that had us in tears, thanks to wonderful performances by Sam Heughan and Sophie Skelton."

– Tracey Randinelli and Carol Stark, My Outlander Purgatory

Aunt Jocasta & Roger's Argument

"My favorite is in Season 5, Episode 1. Roger has an incredibly difficult time adapting to his new home, and many are wary of him when he can't articulate who his family is. Jocasta, through a wee bit of subterfuge and manipulation, eases that issue.
The book scene takes place before the wedding, at the Gathering, but the show moved it to Fraser's Ridge after the wedding. The writers condensed a rather lengthy book scene into an intensely riveting bit of television.
Roger's confusion and eventual anger and Jocasta's straightforward delivery all lead to an explosion of epic proportions for our mild-mannered Roger... but it's Jocasta and Ulysses giggling at the end that tips us to the argument's true purpose. It was exceptionally written and portrayed by the actors, and I'm so glad the series chose to include it! The scene took a few liberties, but the dialogue (while rearranged a bit) was pretty much straight from the book. The essence of the book scene translated perfectly."

– Jackie Merrell, Angus' Angels

The Beardsley House

"Both in the books and the episode 'Free Will,' Jamie and Claire's interactions at the Beardsley house are creepy. I remember reading this for the first time prior to Season 5 and I was wondering how they would film it. It exceeded expectations!
Back in March of this year, I had the honor of being the panel moderator at Wizard World in Cleveland and discussing this episode with Caitriona Balfe. She mentioned that the looks on Jamie and Claire's faces as they walk into the house are in fact real. The goats really did smell awful! This realism adds to the creepy effect.
The makeup/effects on Mr. Beardsley made him look terrible and beyond anything that Claire could work her medical magic on. The actress who played Fanny [Bronwyn James] did an incredible job of being slightly creepy and secretive as to what was going on in the house — and she has a baby! Then, we get to see Jamie and Claire cuddle on the floor at night while they slept.
A huge round of applause for this Season 5 episode! Creepy, drama, medical theatrics, realistic responses, a little bit of Jamie and Claire love, a baby, and our beloved heroes being there to help clean up another mess. So much Outlander goodness in one episode."

– Maria T., Church Of Sam Heughan

Roger's Hanging & Recovery

"The scenes that dealt with Roger's hanging and resultant PTSD this season were excellent. I thought that the silent film treatment was the perfect way to show the nightmare of someone being trapped in their own thoughts, unable to tell anyone around him how he was feeling, or how terrified he had been."

– Susie Brown, Outlander Homepage

These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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