Comparing Claire & Jamie’s ‘Outlander’ 20 Year Reunion — Book Vs. Show

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Comparing Claire & Jamie’s ‘Outlander’ 20 Year Reunion — Book Vs. Show

Can a love story still be a love story if the lovers are apart for 20 years? As Outlander proved, it sure can. In fact, time travel definitely made the heart grow fonder as evident in Season 3's "A. Malcolm," when Jamie and Claire finally reunite.

After five episodes (also two freakin' decades) in different centuries, the two lovers had an epic reunion in Jamie's printshop that came straight from Diana Gabaldon's books. It all starts at the end of "Freedom & Whisky" where we follow Claire as she touches the printshop's sign, enters, and greets Jamie, who promptly faints. But the real deal goes down in "A. Malcolm," and in Part 6 of Voyager, Chapters 24 and 25.

Below, we examine the adaptation of Jamie and Claire's clumsy reunion in 1766 after he said goodbye to her at Craigh na Dun in 1746.

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