5 ‘Outlander’ Deaths That Still Hurt To This Day

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5 ‘Outlander’ Deaths That Still Hurt To This Day

The world of Outlander is no stranger to heartbreak. And if the last five seasons are any indication, Season 6 is unlikely to be letting up in that department.

Promoting his new book, Clanlands, Sam Heughan shared with Town & Country that half the scripts are in for Season 6 and costume fittings are underway, but obviously, due to COVID-19, pre-production is taking longer than usual. "I don’t know if I can say this, but we may be dealing with those differences between Lowlander Scots and Highlanders in the states in the new season, so that should be interesting," he teased.

But one bombshell of a revelation he makes in his new book with Outlander co-star Graham McTavish is that series author Diana Gabaldon was displeased that Claire and Jamie killed Dougal MacKenzie together in Season 2 after he discovered their plot to kill Bonnie Prince Charlie.

"Well, Claire is a healer, she has taken an oath, right? She absolutely wouldn’t end a life even if she thought it was for the best," he said. "However, whilst shooting it she became unnecessary in the scene because it is just Jamie fighting Dougal. And we started discussing because would she really just be standing there watching?

Watching Claire stand idly by would have been unusual, as she is "such a strong woman," Heughan reasoned. "We talked about it and realized that of course they should be complicit in this deed. It is almost like Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. They are both complicit in this murder, but it is for the greater good, so that is how we justified it."

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