26 Of The Funniest (And Most Awkward) 'Outlander' Moments

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26 Of The Funniest (And Most Awkward) 'Outlander' Moments

One of the most mortifying things that can happen to an Outlander fan is another person walking in when a sex scene is on... particularly, if it's a family member (child, parent, it's all weird). But Claire, Jamie, and the gang can commiserate since they've all been in plenty of awkward moments on Outlander. With a show that so earnestly focuses on intimacy, embarrassing moments abound on the Starz series (as Caitriona Balfe says, sex should be awkward!). And sometimes, if fans are lucky, the characters' awkwardness is for our delight. Whether they're sexcapades-related or not, here are 26 of the funniest awkward moments on Outlander.

1. When Young Ian Got Flirty With Brianna

Poor baby boy Ian is enchanted by the newly-arrived Bree and will later offer to marry his cousin. The "idjit" doesn't know it's taboo where Brianna comes from.

2. When Jamie Learned About Cousin Love

Jamie also needed to be educated about 20th-century cousin standards. "Can ye no be smitten with cousins in yer time?" No, Jamie, ye cannot.

3. When Jenny Cooled Off Jamie & Claire

Jenny went above and beyond her sisterly duty when she interrupted Claire and Jamie's angry sex over Laoghaire.

4. When Claire Wouldn't Open Her Eyes

Everyone knew Claire was thinking about Jamie when she was having sex with Frank. But for God's sake, Claire, open your eyes!

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