Is John Quincy Myers Back For 'Outlander' Season 6? Let's Examine The Clues

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Is John Quincy Myers Back For 'Outlander' Season 6? Let's Examine The Clues

He's battled skunks, man-bears, Regulators, and Lionel Brown. When it comes to fighting by Jamie Fraser's side on Outlander, John Quincy Myers is no slacker. And for Season 6, it looks like John Quincy Myers will return to Outlander once more. Although Starz has made no official announcement about his character's involvement next season, actor Kyle Rees posted on Instagram that he's in Scotland, which feels like it can only mean one thing: JQM is back, baby.

Rees is a proud Welshman and while Outlander films in Scotland, he resides in Wales, which he confirmed on Instagram Live from May 2020. His Instagram makes it seems he's been hanging at home watching his rugby team for most of 2021. And he was definitely in Wales on Jan. 22 when he took a run around the Pen y Castell summit. So when he posted from Scotland on March 17 (the Ireland erasure on St. Patrick's Day of all days!), fans couldn't help but assume this must mean Rees was back on set as John Quincy Myers and filming Outlander Season 6.

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But wait! There's more:

  • When fellow Welshman Mark Lewis Jones was announced as Tom Christie, Rees tweeted, "The Welsh are taking over."
  • Rees also tweeted that while there may be three Welsh actors on the set of Outlander now, his character is the only one who's Welsh instead of Scottish. He used the present tense and not the past.
  • Perhaps the biggest clue of all was back in his May 2020 IG Live when he referenced how COVID-19 has impacted filming. "Hopefully, when all this is over and the world gets back to a little bit of normality, we can crack on with the next season," he said.

Myers isn't as big of a figure in the Outlander books as he is on the show with his last novel appearance occurring in The Fiery Cross. In the Starz adaptation, Myers is so trusted by Jamie that he helped him carry Murtagh's dead body and save Claire from Lionel Brown's gang. Considering the show has already incorporated him in plots from A Breath of Snow and Ashes, there's no reason to think he won't stick around to fight with Jamie again in Season 6.

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