Jamie & Claire Are Under Attack At The End Of 'Outlander' Season 6, But At Least They've Got Their Love

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Jamie & Claire Are Under Attack At The End Of 'Outlander' Season 6, But At Least They've Got Their Love

Spoilers ahead for Outlander Season 6, Episode 7, "Sticks and Stones."

After finally opening up to Jamie about the demons she's been facing, Claire is on a path to healing. And Claire's confession came not a moment too soon because now that Richard Brown's come to arrest Claire on Outlander, this couple's going to need all the strength they've got.

Even if a deep, dark part of her wanted to murder Malva Christie, Claire didn't kill her former apprentice. And thanks to Lizzie saying she was the one who had been knocking on Claire's surgery door that fateful day, Claire knows for sure now that she didn't. But even though the new settlers on Ridge are pretty small-minded, you have to admit that Claire does look extremely suspicious. After all, as Tom Christie says, she was found with the body "up to her elbows in blood" from performing the C-section to try and save Malva's baby. Not to mention, there's the fact that Malva had claimed that Jamie had impregnated her. You don't have to know who Perry Mason is to know that Claire had the means, motive, and opportunity.

Word must have spread to Richard Brown (or perhaps, Richard's old thieving pal Allan reached out?) since he announces that he's there to arrest Claire for the murder of Malva. Richard has had it out for the Frasers since Jamie delivered the dead body of Lionel to him in the Season 5 finale. So whether he thinks Claire is a murderer may not even matter. He's got enough evidence by his standards for his Committee of Safety to arrest her.

While Roger and Brianna probably wouldn't have been able to stop Richard's gang, Jamie and Claire are at a disadvantage that their daughter and son-in-law are at the Presbytery in Edenton rather than home on the Ridge. And the Bugs have seemingly turned on the Frasers, so the Big House's factor and housekeeper will be no help in defending them either (plus, book readers surely noticed the Bugs are away delivering whisky to River Run again). So that's why it was so vital that Jamie and Claire were a united force before Richard Brown and his force came rolling onto their property.

The ether has been a contentious addition to the show's story, but Claire opening up to Jamie about her coping mechanism allowed her to explain more about why she's been using it. Beyond being haunted by visions of Lionel Brown, she admits to Jamie that she's punishing herself for all the bad things that have happened to the family due to her time travel. She feels guilty for being selfish and wanting to be with Jamie, no matter the cost to Frank, Brianna, Roger, or themselves. But, as Jamie says, "If you're selfish, let me be accused of the same crime." And they both agree that their love is worth whatever sin it may be considered.

This reconciliation means that viewers don't need to be worried about where Jamie and Claire stand with one another anymore. (And hopefully, book readers who weren't so convinced by the ether plot found that it led to an "honest and rewarding storyline," as author Diana Gabaldon did.) But now, you need to be worried about how Jamie and Claire are going to face off with Richard and his crew, especially with multiple clips in the Season 6 trailer showing it's going to be one hell of a gunfight.

When it comes to the Frasers' remaining allies, there's thankfully still Young Ian. But, as Claire and Jamie enter a bleak situation in the Season 6 finale, at least they're armed with the one weapon that they've always had — their love.

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