Expert 'Outlander' Fans Name Their Favorite Casted Characters

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Expert 'Outlander' Fans Name Their Favorite Casted Characters

Although most book readers fancy themselves to be armchair casting directors, they also know deep down that being in charge of casting a book adaptation is no easy job. Yet, even with this unenviable and daunting task, the people behind the casting on Outlander have oftentimes nailed it. Just ask these Outlander fan accounts, who picked the 17 best casting decisions the show has made.

I asked 10 people behind Outlander fan accounts to name me their top one to three characters who they thought were cast supremely well. I did caution some to dig a bit deeper than just Sam Heughan as Jamie and Caitriona Balfe as Claire, which may explain Balfe's omission from the list.

Not everyone who replied is a book reader. For instance, Elaine U., who runs Oddie Outlander World on Instagram, sticks strictly to the show, so her response wasn't based on what she had envisioned in her head from the books. And even book readers occasionally overlooked physical discrepancies if the performance was that good.

Some people gave me unexpected duos, like Courtney Williams of OutlanderBTS, who praised two female actors for how well they stuck to their book counterparts (how I wish these two women had crossed paths). Or trifectas, like Maria T. of The Outlander Lounge, who gave kudos to the actors behind both Ferguses and Marsali because "not only do these actors look the part, they also exude the essence of the characters they play with ease."

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