13 Anachronistic Moments In 'Outlander' Where Claire Nearly Gave Herself Away

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13 Anachronistic Moments In 'Outlander' Where Claire Nearly Gave Herself Away

As an outlander, Claire can get away with some odd words and opinions every now and then. But even with her sassenach status, there are quite a few times Claire almost gave herself away with her modern references on Outlander. (Well, if mid-20th-century can still be considered "modern.") Although the average 18th-century person probably would never conclude that she was from the future, being considered a witch isn't really a good look either. And sometimes my girl Claire forgets herself in the anachronism department.

Good thing Claire's first hubby was a history professor because there are plenty of things I would never know weren't appropriate to a specific time period if I was just sucked through some stones to the past. So Claire did seem to have a leg up there. But Claire also can't help herself at times when it comes to saying whatever pops into her head, applying modern medicine, or fighting for more progressive societal norms. Here are 13 times she said or did or wore something that made someone in the past go, "Wha??"

Nurse Randall

As if she didn't have enough to deal with when she landed in the past, Claire learns that even stating her profession is a tricky business since Jamie assumes when she says she's a nurse that she means a wet nurse. He politely refrains from staring at her breasts once she clarifies.

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