The Christies Will Be Back In 'Outlander' Season 7, Jessica Reynolds Teases

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The Christies Will Be Back In 'Outlander' Season 7, Jessica Reynolds Teases

The Christies aren't really the type of settlers you want lingering on the Ridge. But turns out, the Christie family's story won't be done in Season 6. Because Malva actor Jessica Reynolds confirms to The Dipp that the Christies will return in Outlander Season 7. Spoilers ahead.

Starz announced on April 6 that Outlander was filming the seventh season. That was before the premiere of Episode 606, "The World Turned Upside Down," where Malva Christie was murdered. In the book series, the Christie storyline is pretty much finished in Book 6, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. But turns out, even with Malva dead (and yes, she's really truly dead), there's going to be a Christie presence in Season 7.

"There might be a little in Season 7 ... I can't say who with, which Christie, who knows," Reynolds teases. "But maybe all three, maybe one, I don't know."

With her character dead, it seems unlikely that Reynolds would be back. But she does make it sound promising that there could be a Season 6 scene that explains why Malva was walking to the Big House at the end of "The World Turned Upside Down."

"Well, there is a... I actually can't reveal," she says. "It's coming. We will all find out." So viewers might get to see what occurred directly before Malva's murder. Or, perhaps, some scenes that explain why Malva chose to claim Jamie was the father of her child. Though, when I ask Reynolds if that means viewers will see Malva again in a flashback, Reynolds only responds with an Eeee noise. But she does add, "What we will see in the future shows remorse — deep, deep remorse from Malva. We'll definitely see that it's not just a selfish act."

Although Reynolds can't confirm anything, it seems possible that Malva could also appear in Season 7 as a vision to Claire since, in the books by Diana Gabaldon, Claire thinks of Malva while in her garden. And the actor does say she'd be open to returning to the series. "Of course, I would love to go back. It's such a cool little scene to be a part of," she says. "And it's such a great character. I remember when I first read it and I was like, 'Whoa.' Juicy, juicy stuff."

But the most likely Christie appearances in Season 7 would be from the surviving members of the Christie family — Tom and Allan. Light book spoilers ahead. Tom Christie appears in Book 7, An Echo in the Bone, when Claire runs into him in Wilmington. But Allan is not in Book 7 due to how Book 6 ends. Yet, Alexander Vlahos has already given away on social media that he's returned for Season 7.

On his April 6 Instagram Story, Vlahos shared a video from the set of Outlander where the actors' trailers were visible (you can watch it courtesy of Outlander Chronicles here). As Angus Angels' documented, he also shared a video of him in his trailer wearing socks with Richard Rankin's face on them, and Outlander Obsessed captured a Story where he said he was done filming in Glasgow for now. He also tweeted on April 8 that he'll be traveling back to Glasgow (presumably for work), so Allan's return is a sealed deal.

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But what about Tom? Mark Lewis Jones hasn't posted anything, but as shown above, Vlahos did share a photo with him, Lewis Jones, and Reynolds on April 6 on Twitter. As Reddit user thepacksvrvives documented, the photo did seem to be taken that day based on Vlahos's IG Story of the same picture. A fan account dedicated to Vlahos, OutVLAnder, also shared more pics from his Story that day with Reynolds and Mark Lewis Jones. So it appears the three Christie actors were all in Glasgow on the very day Season 7 filming was announced. Coincidence? I think not.

So what does that mean? Well, with Season 6 being shortened to eight episodes, fans knew some Book 6 storylines might not get told until Season 7. But the Christies lasting another season is a bit of a surprise. And it might mean that viewers won't know the full, twisted story behind Malva's actions until Season 7. In that case, waiting for the whole Christie reveal might just make it feel like the longest Droughtlander yet.

Images: Starz

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