Jessica Reynolds On Filming That 'Outlander' Scene In Claire's Garden With Caitríona Balfe

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Jessica Reynolds On Filming That 'Outlander' Scene In Claire's Garden With Caitríona Balfe

Spoilers ahead for Outlander Season 6, Episode 6, "The World Turned Upside Down."

After making a wild accusation against the Frasers, Malva Christie met her gruesome fate in Claire's garden. When Claire found Malva's corpse, she and Malva weren't on the best of terms with the pregnant young woman having recently claimed that Jamie was the father of her child. But as a healer, Claire's instinct upon seeing Malva's slain body was to try to save the baby with an impromptu C-section. Just like the mother, the child didn't survive. And if you thought it was hard watching this moment, Malva actor Jessica Reynolds shares what it was like to film this Outlander scene with Caitríona Balfe.

"The last scene when she's cutting it out, it was very emotional," Reynolds says of filming with Balfe. "Her tears were just dripping onto me, like falling onto me, and I was like, 'I am supposed to be playing dead.'"

Since the episode aired on Sunday, April 10, the cast has been having fun posting behind-the-scenes shots — like Balfe's video of Reynolds wearing sunglasses and calling herself a "cool corpse." Or Alexander Vlahos's video of Reynolds wearing Malva's pregnant stomach cut open. But even if Reynolds can joke online that it was the "best day ever," she tells The Dipp over Zoom that the end of Malva's story "was just really sad."

A component that possibly added emotion to the already-harrowing scene Reynolds and Balfe had to depict was the fact that Balfe was pregnant herself while filming Claire cutting out the unborn baby and trying to breathe life into the infant.

"It was definitely near the end of the shoot that we filmed that and ... she was pregnant at the time, and I was just like, 'How is she doing this right now?' It was very, very intense," Reynolds says, adding. "I wonder if that's where the emotion came from, I don't know."

While Claire was the devastated one at the end of the episode written by Toni Graphia, Malva earlier had experienced a loss when she attempted to save the MacNeill baby. The scenes served as bookends and foreshadowed Malva's fate.

"I love that you noticed that kind of parallel because that's why Malva breaks in the first scene," Reynolds says. "She's in the corner, but she's panicking, and she's like, 'Ah, there's a baby in my hands and there's a baby in there [gestures to stomach].' ... I thought that was clever of the writers."

Even with her horrific death, not everyone might be feeling bad for Malva after what she did to Claire and Jamie. But, as Reynolds says, "Does she deserve to get murdered?" And the actor promises there's more to come about why Malva did what she did and why she was coming to Claire at the end of the episode. (Presumably, the baby's father and whoever murdered Malva will be the key to her actions.) But for now, Reynolds simply offers this, "It's almost like a warning in ways in terms of what she does and the choices she could have made, but the ones she actually does... Malva's story is just complete tragedy. Complete Greek tragedy."

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