Here's How Big John Rutledge Might Have Survived On 'Outer Banks'

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Here's How Big John Rutledge Might Have Survived On 'Outer Banks'

In a twist that was as inevitable as it was improbable, Big John Rutledge was revealed to be alive and still treasure hunting his heart out at the end of Outer Banks Season 2. Now, how he escaped death after Ward tossed him overboard with a head injury and he washed ashore on a deserted island remains to be seen. But for now, it's just good to know John B's dad is still among the living.

However, the show has some serious explaining to do when it returns for Season 3. After all, Season 1 went to great lengths to convince the viewers and John B that his dad succumbed to his injuries and dehydration on a small island off the coast of South Carolina. Remember, Lana, Scooter's wife, described in detail how her husband found Big John's body alongside the compass. There was even a flashback sequence in which what was presumably Big John's skeleton was shown.

If not for Lana's confession to John B, it would be fairly easy for Outer Banks to pull off Big John's Lazarus act. But given the amount of detail that went into Lana's story, there are some pretty big plot holes that need to be filled. Then again, that's all part of Outer Banks' charm — this show loves a bonkers twist, and I have a few ideas about how the writers can explain Big John's return.

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