8 'Outer Banks' Season 3 Theories Following That Massive Cliffhanger

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8 'Outer Banks' Season 3 Theories Following That Massive Cliffhanger

After the events of Season 2, it's pretty clear the Pogues aren't going to give up their treasure hunting ways and finally head back to math class. And that's good news for the fans, because really, who needs another teen show where the characters pretend to go to class when you can have one where they chase down mountains of gold instead? With that in mind, I have compiled a list of completely bonkers things that need to happen in Outer Banks Season 3 (and some not-so bonkers things too, just for good measure).

First and foremost, Season 2 ended with a massive cliffhanger that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The little matter of Big John Routledge being alive and well-ish is a huge deal for John B, Ward, and the future of the show. But exactly how Big John survived his stint on a deserted island is just one of many questions that still need answering.

And then there are all of the messy emotional moments I am dying to see play out. From new couples to a sister showdown, here all of the things I want to see happen when Outer Banks returns for another round of Indiana Jones-worthy adventures.

The Pogues Need To Make A Creepy Island Discovery

After casting Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost fame in Season 2, it only makes sense that the Pogues will make some sort of creepy discovery on their new island. Sure, it's nice to see them all bonding and enjoying going full Pogue, but if that island doesn't connect to Denmark Tanney in some way, I will be so disappointed. Maybe he stashed a portion of the gold there, or it could even be connected to an entirely different shipwreck? Or better yet, it might not be deserted at all, which could lead to some serious drama as John B. and his friends come face to face with actual pirates (or, you know, a smoke monster).

Kiara & JJ Finally Become A Couple

Pope and Kiara's awkward courtship was a realistic depiction of an aborted friends-to-lovers romance, but it was also torturous to watch. After an entire season of making the audience cringe as Kiara realized she wasn't into Pope, it's time for the show to give viewers the pairing they've been clamoring for since Season 1: JJ and Kiara.

Throughout Season 2, the natural bond between JJ and Kiara grew as she helped him send his dad off to parts unknown, while he gave her a shoulder to lean on as she dealt with family drama. JJ and Kiara's relationship has been simmering for a long time, and after their emotional arc in Season 2, it's time for the show to finally let them take things to the next level.

Someone Finally Kills Ward

Look, I don't want John B. to be a murderer, but I am sick of Ward getting away with everything. For that reason, it's time for someone to take him out for good before he actually goes through with killing his own daughter next time. While Rafe feels like the natural choice to turn on his dad, I suspect either Rose or Cara will end up pulling the trigger and ending Ward's reign of terror.

The Quest For The Shroud Leads To Bermuda

The show can't drop a Bermuda Triangle reference without sending the Pogues to Bermuda. With the addition of the Cross of Santo Domingo and the shroud in Season 2, things are already getting weird, and I want to see the show embrace that weirdness. Why not add a touch of supernatural to the treasure hunt by having the gang travel through the triangle to find the shroud? Outer Banks doesn't have to suddenly introduce time travel or anything, but it could still have some fun with the mythos surrounding the triangle in Season 3.

Sarah Faces Fallout For Leaving Wheezie

Sarah promised Wheezie she wouldn't leave her again, but she did just that when she was forced to flee her father. The bond between Wheezie and Sarah is one of the show's best relationships, so it would be disingenuous not to address the reality of Sarah leaving her little sister behind. Given how unstable both Ward and Rafe are (and how little Rose seems to care about anyone other than herself), Wheezie could be in real danger.

It would be interesting to see Sarah petition the Pogues to go after Ward so she could get her sister away from the destructive influence of her father and brother. Plus, who doesn't want to see Wheezie go full Pogue like her sister?

Big John & John B Have The Most Emotional Reunion Ever

This one feels like a given, but in addition to finding out exactly what Big John has been up to all of this time, I also want to see him reunite with his son. And the moment needs to be super emotional after everything John B. has been through since his father was lost at sea. Seriously show, I want to cry buckets of tears, so their reunion had better be next level good.

Pope's Family Regains Possession Of The Cross

Pope has arguably lost more than anyone else since this whole treasure hunt started. From losing his scholarship to discovering he's a descendant of Denmark only to see the man's legacy ripped away by the likes of Ward and Cara, he's been through a lot and he deserves a win. Ultimately, nothing would be more satisfying than to see him successfully bring the cross home, and maybe even earn a scholarship for his historically significant discovery in the process.

A Flashback Episode Explores The Parents' Pogue Days

Apparently, all of the teens' parents were Pogues together in the old days, and I need to see how the previous generation is connected. Were Big John and Ward best friends? Did Kiara's mom have a fling with JJ's awful dad? When did Big John become obsessed with the Royal Merchant? Outer Banks keeps hinting at a rich history between all of the parents, and it's past time to explore their connections.

So much happens in a single season of Outer Banks that the show could conceivably get through this entire list in the first three episodes. With that in mind, I'm going to need at least half of these items checked off in Season 3, okay, Netflix?


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