Where are my J-14 Magazines?

In the early 2000's when you went grocery shopping with your mom this was literally the time to be on your best behavior... Do you know why?

So you can beg your mum to buy you the latest issue of J-14. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the J-14 magazine, it was literally where you would find all the latest gossip and fun facts about your favorite Disney stars and overrated adult pop artists that have no business being on a teen magazine. My mom was always hesitant when I asked her to buy it, she thought that I was too young for it but in reality she was just mad that I gained access to Omarion's exclusive J-14 photoshoot. I absolutely ripped out every page with him on it because I couldn't risk my cousins snagging it after a random sleepover. I am a bit upset till this day because I can't find any of J-14 magazines, I constantly ask my mom about it and she shrugs so I'm assuming that she threw them away behind my back. At first this was a story about a boy and his teen magazine, but now this is a story of betrayal... I will never be the same. I never finished reading all of the articles and now I'll never know how romantic Robert Pattinson really is.. *Eye roll*