What was your favorite thing to buy at the scholastic book fair?

The scholastic book fair was a high like nothing else. I have never really been a book girl after the scholastic book fair and reading across America competition where you read books and got

rewarded for it.

Well for a few years I did love Barnes and Noble but that place is still a vibe. Like i remember just spending hours looking through the Guinness book of world records and eat this not that! Because after that all I did for school reading was read and take quizzes, make outlines, and write papers for grades and not rewards. It’s like i could not find reading relaxing after that. And for the past seven years I’ve been writing so i only really find joy in reading articles.

Hey if you’re reading this and you’re a book reader, how would you advise me to get into reading books? I can do audio books but something about reading is just so mundane to me. Should I try to read a book by the pool my next staycation? Should I try to read one during a long travel time?

This is neither here nor there. Anyways what was your favorite thing to buy at the scholastic book fair?

Mine was definitely the Captain Underpants and Kratt brothers books. I liked magazines too. I however wasn’t big into posters or erasers. What I didn’t understand were the people who voluntarily bought like workbooks. Like what is you doing? We already have homework today. Let’s freakin have fun dude like you’re killing the vibe. Anyways so yeah bring me back to the early 00’s? Were you there for the books? Or the others things? What do you think is the equivalent to an adult scholastic book fair? I say yard sales.