Musings on Limewire and Napster

In this day and age — when everything is so easy to get so fast — I really get nostalgic for the days of Limewire and Napster. I have so much more of an affinity for all the songs I downloaded during that era — Jordan Knight's "Give It To You," Sister Hazel's "Your Winter," Ari Hest's whole catalogue... it felt like I WORKED for the luxury of "owning" those songs.

I feel like the sheer availability of music these days keeps me from truly appreciating it the way I should. I get sick of songs quickly (since I'll just listen to them on repeat on streaming), and skip anything that doesn't demand my attention in the first 10 seconds. To think I used to go to Sam Goody or Virgin and listen to entire albums I had never heard of to see if they'd be my jam! I almost feel more close-minded these days because of it.