Remember The Paper on MTV? I found where the cast is now

Every so often, a memory just shoots in my brain out of nowhere and fills me with all kinds of warm fuzzies. Today, it was The Paper, the MTV series that focused on the low-stakes job of running a high school newspaper.

It was perfect ambient reality television, something that's so rare nowadays. It was also a reality TV show that starred nerds, something else that's so rare nowadays.

So of course I had to dig and figure out what the cast was up to, and whether they fulfilled their media destinies. Short answer... nope. They also are shockingly inactive on social media.

Amanda Lorber: Arguably the biggest star of the show. It seems she began her career in journalism as an intern at Rolling Stone and other publications, but quickly shifted to entertainment. Now she works in development at Walt Disney Animation, which sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

Her Twitter is refreshingly relatable, but doesn't lean into her reality TV past:

Alex Angert: He ended up working as a sports reporter for MLB baseball for a pretty long time, and then, interestingly enough, shifted into an accounts manager at the Guinness Book of World Records. He now works at an agency as a cultural impact specialist, whatever that means.

Gianna Pacinelli: She ended up getting employed by MTV as a Production associate for shows like Wild N Out, freelanced for publications like HuffPost and Elite Daily, and now has fully leaned in on communications.

She also has tweeted quite a bit in the past about sports;

Adam Brock: Turns out he was quite popular in college — he was the student body vice president and interfraternity council president at University of Central Florida. He then worked at Oxygen, Scripps, and Conde Nast in the marketing departments, but now works at Viral Gains, which seems to be a B2B company for marketers.

Daniel Surgan: Appears to work at NBC Universal, but also seemingly hates LinkedIn, because it's not really updated:

He also hasn't tweeted since 2015, but seemingly loves comedy, Conan, Ron Swanson, and 24.

I can't seem to find Trevor and Cassia anywhere, so they maybe have been lucky enough to escape the grid. But, man, do I miss nerds on TV.