Getting "called" home before cell phones

I'm happy I didn't grow up in the era of cell phones for a myriad of reasons, perhaps most notably that your parents couldn't get a hold of you all day and we all blissfuly lived under the assumption no one was getting kidnapped. Seriously, I would just take off all day and that was that. I'd call from a friend's house (SOMETIMES) or from the mall pay phones when I needed to get picked up (most of the time).

What's funny to think about now is that my dad would just open the door and yell for us when we were out and about in the neighborhood. It was mostly to inform us that dinner was ready, but if I was playing in a friend's yard and heard the call, that was that. Time to go home.

I realize this is probably a very suburban thing, but I know I wasn't the only kid in my neighborhood who was basically summoned to come home by a yell or a whistle from a parent. So, I'm curious, did you parents do this to you, too?